Awe thank you for clicking over to my website…so nice to connect with you! You’ll find the link(s) you’re looking for below.

My name is Dorothy Stover, a Lightworker that made her mission to bring more love into the world. I am a Psychic/Medium as well as a teacher and Love Coach who helps people connect to the love energy. As a Love Coach, I help people heal and thrive after sexual trauma.

I love early morning walks, being with those I love, taking naps with my cat Jack and exploring all that life has to offer. I am one of those forever learning curious types.

Maybe you want to know more about me, bring more love into your life through my online love courses, or book a reading to gain more focus and clarity in your life. Doesn’t matter why you came here, I am so glad you did! You’ll find links below for whatever suits your fancy. Sending love your way!

Peace, Love & Hugs!