Everything I do I life I do for love

Kids say the funniest things...
Four year old me having a conversation with my momma bear...

“Mom, I’m going to have multiple husbands.”

Momma laughing, “Oh honey, we’re Catholic, we only have one husband.”

Me rethinking my life path, “Hmmm...well, then I’ll have a lot of men do things for me.”

I remember the moment like it was yesterday.

I was sitting on the sofa and she was cleaning the house.  My little legs were going back and forth against our 1970s green sofa. I remember watching her and thinking, “I don’t want to clean when I get older.  I want to have a man do that for me.”

I've been obsessed with why people do what they do ever since
I’ve been obsessed with romance since I was little.  I was curious about sex before I knew what sex was.  Now, in my 40s, I know that God was always preparing me for my purpose in the world; bringing more love into the world. 

Love hasn’t been an easy path. 

But it sure has been interesting!

My spark for my purpose would be the sexual trauma I have experienced. Like many women and men, I have experienced sexual trauma on multiple occasions, including being molested as a child and then raped when I was 16 years old.  I felt broken and lost.  I didn’t know how to have a healthy romantic or sexual relationship, so I had to figure it out.  That's where my journey began. 

My life completely changed after a rape survivor support group when I was 26 years old
It was a Tuesday night, I was living in San Diego.  I remember it was so dark when I got home with the handouts they gave during our group session.  I sat down on my sofa with my cat Jack.  I looked over the handout.  There were three columns; Victim, Survivor, Thriver.  I looked at the description of each column and I recognized myself teetering back and forth between victim and survivor.  

Phrases like ‘hiding their story’, ‘believe everyone is better or stronger’ or their story is more valid’, ‘places own needs last’, ‘stays with emotional pain’ all felt like me.  

I so desperately wanted to identify with the thriver column; gratitude for a new life, faith in self and life, lives with an open heart.  She felt so far away though. Honestly, a thriving self felt unobtainable.  

At that point in my life, I have been told for almost a decade I would always be damaged.  I didn’t want to accept that. In a way, that night I received my roadmap.  

I had a visual of where I could go. 

It was at that moment I decided “Everything I do in life I do for love.” This has been my mantra ever since.  

It hasn’t been easy, but oh so worth it and fun to navigate. 

Soon after I made that statement aloud, God made my dreams come true...just not in the way I would think they would occur; I lost my job, my boyfriend, left my apartment, and moved back to the East Coast.  

Here’s the deal...I was trying to be someone I wasn’t and I was finally becoming the person and living the life I have always wanted.  

God cleared the path for me so that I would be able to begin walking my true purpose.  I wrote my first book, I traveled to Europe, I fell in love, I started a company.  

From there, I went on a deep dive for healing, love, and Spirit.  I wrote about sex, relationships, and anything else I felt brave enough to share.  

I worked with clients from all over the world supporting them with their own love lives, mainly focusing on self-love.  I worked with Matchmaking clients all over the USA to support them in finding romantic connections. Gained a Masters Degree.  Started The Love School, now Nantucket Love School to support students with the best practices for love I have picked up along my journey, education, and experience.   I’ve traveled to India for yoga teacher training at Rishikesh Yog Peeth.  Studied religion and spirituality. I studied energetic healing modalities. Studied Tantra with Karen Craig of Explore Tantra and  Authentic Tantra.  Dug into my intuitive curiosities with many psychic greats such as Julie Geigle.  I’ve gone back to school to finish my certification as a Sex Educator at Institute for Sexual Education and Enlightenment. 

I took that roadmap I received over 14 years ago and transformed the map into directions, side site seeing, adventures to be had, places to stay along the journey.  Now, I empower students and support them feeling connected and embodied to not only themselves but a higher power.
The seeds being planted
Nantucket Love School birth story

Do you have a best friend you can talk about anything with, with no judgment and you find your conversations can last hours without feeling the time pass? 

Do you and your best friend have awesome ideas when you come together?

Do you feel like you two are destined to do good things in the world together? 

Because that’s how the Nantucket Love School was born.  Best friends sitting on a sofa, talking about life over tea realizing that most people are not taught how to have healthy romantic relationships.  

Realizing that a big root of people not knowing how to have a healthy romantic relationship stems from a big stat; 70% of American adults have experienced some form of trauma at least one time in their lives.  

And really...that trauma is usually in childhood and usually a trauma family cycle.  One generation repeating what the last generation experienced.  We can only do what we know.  

But what if we break the cycle? What happens when we learn something different? 

We jump off of the trauma cycle, break ancestral trauma cycles, heal ourselves, our ancestors, and future generations.  We feel whole. Plus, we bring more love into the world.  

That is the ultimate goal of the Nantucket Love School, to bring more love into the world beginning with ourselves, then our community, then rippling out beyond our island to the world.  
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