Dorothy Stover

Everything I do in life, I do for Love.


Photo of Dorothy Stover. photo taken by Alexandria Eigo. Flower Crown by Dunlovely Florals

Welcome, my name is Dorothy Stover and I am a Matchmaker, Self-Love and Relationship coach.For over 10 years, I have been helping men and women bring more love into their lives. I've worked with individuals and couples find love and feel at peace within themselves and in their relationships. Finding the love that they have always wanted.

Before I began working with clients, I began working on myself. In my 20s, whenever I fell in love, the relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions. I didn't know how to truly have a healthy relationship that involved deep intimacy, communication and love. I realized that my traumatic past was holding me back from truly reaching a deep love connection. If I was ever going to have a healthy, happy romantic partnership, I knew I needed to heal from my past trauma and love myself fully.

I began years of study of the self as well as relationships. I began writing a blog to work through much of my findings and process the information. Which in turn, people reached out for help in their lives and I began working with others with their relationships and self-love. This turned into a book, Amazing Love Diet, which lead to a weekly love advice column. Then I found myself in the Matchmaking world helping people find love. I started The Love School because there are key elements I noticed many of my clients wanted guidance on with regards to love and relationships. The school first began to form so that any person wanting to enter into a committed relationship or if they were already in a committed relationship, would be able to work on themselves and grow with their partner.

The Love School is for those who want a relationship where they feel deeply connected to their partner while still being true to themselves. The school is built with the idea that most of us don’t have enough hours in the day. The Love Lessons take less than 10 minutes a day. Faster than drinking your morning coffee or tea. The Mission of The Love School is to bring more love into the world, one student at a time. This will set a ripple out to all those around each student. We will raise the vibration of us all by doing the love work.