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I teach and guide busy people about love and relationships using years of experience, study and my intuitive gifts. I have been obsessed with love and relationships since I was a little girl, which in turn fueled my love education when I was older. I wanted to know why people do what they do and also what the best practices are that lead to a relationship where you feel connected and grow to be your best self.

I went through a traumatic experience when I was 16, which has helped me refocus my life into transforming myself and helping others heal and transform themselves.

In my 20s, I began writing about love, dating and relationships and working with clients with their love lives. I found every challenge in life, love and relationships stems from a lack of loving one’s self and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

I have worked with clients on the whole spectrum of love. From the foundation of love, which is self-love. A matchmaker, helping men and women find romantic love. Helping individuals and couples in relationships gain strength through loving themselves and being there for each other on their love journey. What a great adventure this has been!

I am always searching, experimenting and learning with different healing techniques. I have traveled to Rishikesh India to become a yoga instructor. I have studied Charkas with some of the greats to learn about our energetic system within and around our bodies. I have studied different meditation techniques that allow for a deeper self-realization that is not all about sitting for hours, but a slow unveiling of one's inner self connecting with one's higher self... it's not as complicated as you might think.  I have deepened my spiritual and intuitive gifts, learning mediumship and intuitive readings. I have studied Reiki and I am working towards Reiki master. All of this with the intention of healing myself, then helping others on their own healing, transformation journey.

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Love Bubble Monthly Membership

Join in The Love Bubble

The Love Bubble is a monthly membership that focuses on self-love and a different theme each month to help deepen self-love within that area of your life. Your Body, Sex, Self-Care, Relationships, Money and on and on.


Be Your Own Matchmaker

Be Your Own Matchmaker is step by step four week online course for women helping them find solid matches, screen them, perfect date formula and what to do after a date that leads to a committed and connected partnership..


The Love School

The Love School is a three month online course where we really delve in deep to self-love so that we have thriving relationships with all those around us. We do this through tested self-love practices, love and relationship best practices I have all used with my clients to see them thrive in life and in love.


Dorothy has deep experiences as a love expert and helps me by listening and coaching me. She is also a pleasure to work with always being optimistic and calm. She’s helped me through some tough times and helped me get to the light at the end of the tunnel.
— -Elizabeth, Boston Ma
Dorothy is a passionate and experienced matchmaker who takes all the work out of dating and makes dating fun! Working with Dorothy, I have a healthy optimism that I will meet quality men.
— -Susan, Nashville TN USA
A genuine, intelligent easy to talk to person who wants to help you find the love in your life. She feels like one of my friends who can help me get to where I want to be. Plus, her voice is so soothing!
— -Carrie, New Hampshire USA
Dorothy pays attention to everything I say, listening intently and asks the tough questions to get to the core of what my answers are. She is fun and heartfelt, as well as light-hearted, meaning she is easy to speak and work with.
— Kaila, Los Angles CA USA

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