LoveBlog -Relationship Bill of Rights - 24 Rights for Healthy Romantic Relationships


We all have rights in a relationship. Know them. Don’t forget your partner also has these relationship rights.

  1. The right to share with your partner all decisions and responsibilities related to your relationship, children, home and finances.

  2. The right to share equally with your partner in all financial decisions

  3. The right to grow and explore your potential without feeling guilty, selfish or afraid.

  4. The right to have a different opinion than your partner

  5. The right to have friendships with both men and women outside of your relationship.

  6. The right to express your opinions and have your partner give the same respect and consideration as those of your partner

  7. The right to have and express your sexual needs and desires without feeling like you are selfish, demanding or aggressive.

  8. The right to have your emotional, physical, spiritual, financial and intellectual needs be as important as the needs of your partner.

  9. The right to expect your partner to give at least 50% to resolved difficulties in a your relationship

  10. The right to hold your partner responsible for their behavior rather than assuming the responsibility.

  11. The right to seek professional help with your relationship

  12. The right to never be physically attacked or psychologically degraded by your partner

  13. The right to terminate the relationship is you are physically attacked or psychologically degraded by your partner

  14. The right to expect significant behavioral changes rather than apologies and promises from your partner

  15. The right to not blame yourself if the relationship in which you have invested so much love and effort ends.

  16. The right to communicate with one another easily

  17. The right to take turns talking and listening so that no one dominates the conversation

  18. The right to have space and time to yourself when either of you needs it.

  19. The right to have boundaries and those boundaries are respected. Respect your partner’s boundaries as well.

  20. The right to fight fair without insulting, humiliating or shaming each other.

  21. The right to give and receive feedback with grace and love.

  22. The right to have a part of your life that doesn’t involve your partner

  23. The right to practice spiritual/religious beliefs that may be different than your partners beliefs.

  24. The right for neither one of you being perfect but striving to be their best selves and best self for each other

You are worthy of a healthy and happy relationship. Know that your partner is worthy of a healthy relationship as well. Strive to be your best self for your self as well as each other. Know that it can be very beneficial to seek professional help from a therapist for yourself and your relationship. Know that it’s ok to leave a relationship if your rights are being violated or if you find yourself violating your partner’s rights.

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