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✨Just because you love someone doesn't mean you're suppose to be with them✨

✨Marry someone because you not only believe but you've seen, witnessed and experienced them be a good partner. If you have this plus the attraction mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually then that's a recipe for a good long term relationship/marriage. Not guaranteed but the odds are in your favor.

✨You should both be showing up for the other. They need to be taken care of, you're there. And Visa versa. Things do not change once you become married, issues before marriage become stronger usually. The annoyienences are crystal clear once you're married. What seems like a small pet peeves could cause you to smother them in their sleep. That's something you need to look at before getting married and address it. 

✨Don't be afraid to be alone. So many people are getting married because they want to or feel they need to. No one is really and truly taking the time to get to know their partner and not only get to know them but accept them knowing they may not change. Don't blind yourself though. A man or woman that doesn't help around the house before you're married is not going to be helping around the house when you're married with a few kids. The man or woman who gives you an earful about who you spend your time with, isn't going to change. 

✨You two need to speak to each other like adults not like children. Children play games. If you're into games such as these, you and your partner are not ready for marriage. And that's ok, there's no rush to get married. My great-grandmother used to say, "Those that want together married in the worst way usually do."

✨Marry someone who is a good partner in life. Where you both show up for each other no matter what. ✨

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Love Lesson Ep 30 Stop marrying for love and do this instead

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Stop Marrying for love and do this instead. Marry someone you love that is and will be a good partner. Show up for each other. ✨If you like this video, give it a thumbs up and subscribe to stay in the love loop.