Loveblog - The Five Steps to Break up like an adult


I don’t care how you got to the breaking point, you’re here or perhaps you’re just curious.  Breakups can be good. In fact, I have found for myself and clients a breakup leads to an incredible break through. But first, let’s make sure you break up like an adult. 

1. When you've decided to end a relationship. Take a moment to pause. Write down your thoughts. Spend a day or two with those thoughts and thinking about what you want to say and how to say it. Be honest. Be truthful. Be helpful. Take your time.  Think it through

2. Listen without judgement your significant other may have something’s to say, let them.  Keep in mind that what they have to say may not be nice.  Try to listen and learn.  Try not to become defensive but curious.  If you come from the mindset of love and kindness, this will be your best breakup yet.

3. Say what you need to say in a lovingly way. This isn’t the time to give the pain back to them or make them feel hurt  it’s the time to express why you’re breaking up with them  1. So they understand and have closure.  2. In case it’s something they should know so they are able to work on this.  The point is to break up lovingly. 

4. Don’t be revengeful or spiteful.   We each have a journey. After the breakup, no matter how they treated you, send them love and wish them the best  Love and life is a challenge for us all.  

5. Breathe.  Take a pause in your life.  Heal.  Learn.  Explore  love deeply.  Be true to you. 

Take action.

  1. After the breakup in complete, then reflect on the relationship; them, you, your part.  And list the ways you’ve grown.  List the ways you will continue to grow.
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Peace, Love & Hugs!