Life After Sexual Trauma Free Healing Guide

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I want to help you Embark on a journey that will take you from victim to thriver. I have developed a beautiful healing guide that will help you Find the strength within, heal and move forward in life with more love after you've experienced sexual trauma in your life. There is a beautiful life ahead of you. Please let me help you experience it fully.

Healing after sexual trauma course

Healing After Sexual Trauma

Healing After Sexual Trauma is an eight week course that takes you through healing shame, anger and other emotions one feels in the aftermath of Sexual Trauma. We end up being able to trust, love ourselves and love others.

Dating After Sexual Trauma Course

Dating After Sexual Trauma

This course is dating after sexual trauma. The course will take you through what it looks and feels like to be in a healthy dating environment as well as a healthy relationship. How to establish healthy boundaries. The course also takes the student through like step by step helping you find solid matches, screen them, perfect date formula and what to do after a date that leads to a committed and connected partnership while also honoring yourself after sexual trauma.

love after sexual trauma course

Love After Sexual Trauma

Love After Sexual Trauma is a three month online course where we really delve in deep to self-love so that we have thriving relationship with ourselves and with all those around us. We do this through tested self-love practices, love and relationship best practices I have all used with my clients to see them thrive in life and in love after sexual trauma. Go from victim to thriver.