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Self healing is an important purpose we all have during this lifetime. Not only do we heal childhood emotions and trauma but also our family line and past lives. All of which can affect our current lives; Challenges in relationships, mental health, our relationship with money, our relationship with food and continued trauma.

Each session we connect with your Spirit Team and your higher self to heal these emotions, patterns and blockages. We also use the 45 minutes to an hour that we spend together to connect you to the love energy. You’ll leave feeling lighter and the days, weeks and months that follow you’ll notice changes in your body and your life.

“Dorothy Stover is a gifted love worker who has impacted my life deeply: as a healer, as a peer, and as a friend. From the first conversation I ever had with Dorothy, she comes from a pure intention of love. We’ve worked together to heal childhood wounds, unraveling the heart wall and the energy blocks in my heart chakra. Dorothy does her work so delicately with patience and tremendous compassion. She shows up in our sessions with warmth, sincerity, joy, and curiosity.”

“The results of our brief time together have been incredible. I am recognizing the difference in being able to connect with others in a deeper way. We have accessed memories that I have not had conscious access to; and I’ve been able to release stored emotion in my body effortlessly. It’s a true blessing to have Dorothy to support me through this process. I feel showered with love in Dorothy’s coaching presence, and it reminds me of what it feels like to be understood.” - Julia Armet, NYC, Founder of Higher Playbook

To Book Your Session

Full Moon Healing Special

Typically sessions are $125 per session but with the full moon special each session is $90 (The number 9 is completion and releasing. September is also the 9th month of the year. Such a powerful time!). I also have a four session packages for powerful healing, normally $444 but with the special $320. Which means each session is $80. (8 is a power number and you’ll be feeling powerful and lighter after four sessions)

Use this code For individual sessions: FULLMOON9 for $90 per session, normally $125. Click here to book; https://dorothy-stover.squarespace.com/intuitivereadings/personal-healing-sessions

Use this code for 4 session package: FULLMOON8 for $80 per session, $320 total, normally $444

Book here; https://dorothy-stover.squarespace.com/intuitivereadings/package-of-4-personal-healing-sessions

These healing sessions also include messages from your spirit team and any questions that pop up as well as cards for further guidance. This special is only for booking this coming week. Looking forward to connecting you to your healing!