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LoveBlog - Love Is A Choice

My great grandfather Murphy said "Love is a choice. Everyday you wake up and choose love". I like to think I am carrying his words on. I like to think I choose love everyday. I don't always. He was talking about marriage and making that choice of love in your marriage and that it needs to be made everyday. I have extended that to make the love choice everyday in every eay, not just romantic love. It's not always easy but when I do connect with my heart, I'm happier. I see for my clients that when they come from this space, they too are happier. 

Do you think you could make the love choice or at least strive to? When you're at the grocery store and someone takes your spot, will you choose love?  When someone posts something on social media and it offends you, will you choose love?  When someone you love doesn't love you the way you want to be loved, will you choose love?

There are lots of examples, challenging examples of choosing love. It's not always the easiest choice to make but it's the one that leads to a better world and a happier self.

It's also ok if you're like me and sometimes you stumble, yell and choose fear. We are human. I keep reminding myself after I stumble to realign myself with who I really am in my heart, mind and body...and that is love. And so are you. You are love. To view today's Love Lesson Video please click below. 

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Today's Love Lesson Video 

IMG_0796.PNG click here for today's Love Lesson Video 

LoveBlog - The Key To Happiness

The key to happiness is so simple.  It’s something in theory we are all doing but are we doing it well?  I recently read a statistic that showed that the older you are, the happier you are.  With 50+ being where people are the happiest and people in their 20s are the least happiest.  Why is this?  I think it has something to do with the question I posed last week (What if we treated others like they are dying?) plus the question I am posing this week (What if we lived like we are alive).  Simple enough right?  


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LoveBlog - How to Rise with Love

Falling in love on the surface sounds absolutely wonderful doesn’t it!  Below, at the root of what it means to fall in love, essentially means to fall.  What happens when we fall?  We get hurt.  There is no way to not get hurt.  Even if you avoid people all together, you’ll still end up hurting because all humans need love and connection.  It’s a basic need.  So if one of your basic needs are not being met in some way, shape or form, you’ll hurt on some level.  I want you to love.  If falling in love is your game then do it.  Today I would like to offer an alternative, to rise with love.  To always remember to come from a place of love. I can’t say you won’t get hurt but you will feel better about your relationships with all people and how you are within the world.  I am putting myself out there a little more and have decided to start a YouTube Channel.  Here is the first episode of Love Lessons, How to not fall in love but to rise with love.  I hope you like it!  Now my channel is a baby channel.  This is my first video. So if you like it, please let me know.  If there’s something you think I can improve upon, please let me know.  It will really help me become my best self and hopefully help others with love within themselves and their lives.  I will have videos out every Tuesday.  (I’ve already recorded and edited the next three and plan on keeping this schedule and being consistent.)


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Here’s the first episode! Peace, Love & Hugs! Dorothy


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LoveBlog - The Illumination

“Shine your light and make a positive impact on the world; there is nothing so honorable as helping improve the lives of others.”  ― Roy T. Bennett  

When I was a little girl, my uncle Charlie would sometimes babysit my five siblings and me.  He would put on his favorite show M.A.S.H and make us watch it with him.  I hated this show with a passion.  Mainly because, at eight years old I resented having to do anything I didn’t want to do, and the show’s subject matter and humor was lost on me.  My uncle Charlie was blind and because he was blind, I thought I could sneak away and not have to endure what I believed to be an oh-so-boring show.  I would softly and slowly get up from my seat on the sofa and tip toe out of the tv room.  Half way to freedom I would hear, “Sit down!”    

“Gahhhh!  How do you know I’m up?  You’re blind!” I would shout, angry and frustrated.  

His reply “I’m blind, not deaf. Now sit. ”   

If you’re an old-school Nantucketer, you may even have known my uncle Charlie.  Named after his father (and my Grandfather) Charlie Flanagan, he was cut from the same cloth: Good sense of humor, a solid sense of right and wrong, and brought up with the desire to help others.  My uncle contracted Type I Diabetes as a very young child.  It put a lot of strain on his body.  As his eyesight deteriorated, he decided to have retinal surgery. The doctor told him to not lift anything heavier than five pounds, and to  go easy on himself.  While recuperating from surgery, he was awakened by a horrific car crash outside my grandparents’ house.  Being an EMT and firefighter, he immediately ran outside to help.  My uncle made a snap decision to put someone else’s life above his own.  There were three people in the burning car.  Without hesitation, my uncle pulled one person from the car and was pulling a second passenger out over the front seat when the Fire Department arrived. The stress of lifting the men cost him his eyesight.  My uncle left this world years ago while still a young man.  Still there are reminders of him that linger: books in Braille, his walking cane, and his medical bracelet.   

I don’t know what it’s like to go blind, to see the vibrant colors of life, the face of someone I love or the beauty of nature one day and then the next, darkness.  I’ll be honest, I do often take for granted that I have working eyes. Having sight is something many of us take for granted. Reality is, we don’t understand something until we experience it for ourselves, nor do we understand the loss of something so important until it’s gone.  I recently watched The Illumination, a film by TNP Ideafilm.  The film is about Gordon Gund, an American businessman and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He and his wife Lulie Gund are working together to cure blindness.  To me, this film is more than a story of traversing Point A to Point B. The film’s name speaks for itself, The Illumination,  which means light that shines on something.  I ugly-cried throughout the film for it illuminated a part of something within me. I won’t share exactly what because I don’t want to influence your experience.  When you see this film, perhaps you’ll have a different experience.  I will say this film is beautiful, peaceful, uplifting and a love story.  It is astonishing to me how such a short film could pack all of this into under twenty minutes.   Films such as these help us to experience someone else’s viewpoint, to lift the veil of someone else’s story to reveal how deep it may go within ourselves.  It’s a beautiful gift that we have people in the world who are willing to share their stories.  This film and the love between Gordon and his wife Lulie struck a mighty cord within me, especially in regard to my uncle.  If you know me, you know I love love, and always want to bring more love into the world.  To me, this is more than a great love story. It shows how deep love can be when two people come together for the greater good of all.    This inspiring encounter of Gordon and Lulie Gund and the work they are doing to help cure blindness illuminates the love you can see between these two beautiful souls.  It’s truly remarkable.  Not only does it make you believe the good in the world, but it is a reminder of what truly matters in life.  To know there are people who are bringing more love into the world through different avenues and achieving a goal is magic. It makes me think of the words of Naren Nagin, “Many have sight but few have vision.”   

I invite you to come see this movie and experience this remarkable story for yourself.  There will be one showing at 4:45pm-5:45pm Friday June 23rd at the Dreamland Main Theater.  This movie has won numerous awards, which includes Audience Favorite.  After the screening, Gordon Gund, Lulie Gund and Tom Scott, who directed the film, will be answering questions and discussing the film.  If you’re interested, click here to purchase your tickets.  Be sure to put my name, Dorothy Stover, in the ‘Friend of’ box.  I am almost certain this movie is going to sell out fast and I want to make sure I get the word out to you so you can come join in The Illumination.  It’s a Nantucket Love Bubble moment you have the opportunity to be a part of.  The $15 ticket guarantees you a seat for what’s sure to be an uplifting screening of The Illumination and the discussion with Gordon Gund, Lulie Gund and Tom Scott.  

About the Film (From The Nantucket Film Festival Website)  

Director: Tom Scott, Co-Director: Dan Honan | Producer: Pamela Duevel | USA / 2017 / 19 min / Documentary  

Friday, June 23, 2017  

4:45-5:45 PM (please note there will be plenty of time for viewers to make it to the Casino for the Screenwriters Tribute at 6:30pm)  

Dreamland Main Theater, 17 S Water St, Nantucket  

In a remarkable twist of fate, the decades-long effort of one blind person, Gordon Gund, makes it possible for another, Yannick Duwe, to see.  

Here’s the link again.  When you purchase your ticket, make sure to put my name, Dorothy Stover,  in the “Friend of” box.  Look forward to seeing you there!  


Peace, Love & Hugs!  



LoveBlog - New Island Girls Podcast with a Mountain Man


(This week I'm not having anyone look over my blog post for spelling and grammar mistakes.  I'm sure this post will be riddled with them.  I wanted to make sure I got this out there to you.  Thank you for your patience!)

Katie and I love being able to do these podcasts!  This week we were able to sit down with our very own Mountain Man, Kelly Steffen.  He’s 27 years old romantic and fighter for the underdog.  He gave us insight into the dating world we never would have gained on our own.  It’s amazing the differences dating when we were 27 vs the 27 year olds now.  This week we were engrossed in conversation and lost track of time.  It’s a full hour!  In the future we will try to keep the posts to 30 minutes or less.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

This Week's Podcast with a Kelly Steffen, our Mountain Man -

The Love Tip from this week comes from the podcast; Let go of expectations.  Hold onto standards.

Expectations ruin things.  Having a standard is different.  Standards can elevate.  Expectations - a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. "Reality had not lived up to expectations"  Standard - a level of quality or attainment.  "Their restaurant offers a high standard of service"

We would love to hear from you. Listen to the podcast and let us know what you think.  What do you think of the current dating world?  Anything you think we can do to improve?  Anything you love about dating in today’s digital age? Do you like the idea of having standards instead of expectations?


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LoveBlog - Thy Will Be Done



We are co-creators in our lives. We have a say and we also have Gods plan. Together we make a beautiful piece of stained glass artwork that can enhance any space. Our story-lines are not exactly set in stone. We have the desired outcome and lessons we need to learn along the way. There will be people that come into our lives when we need them. Whether the exchange is loving or challenging, sometimes even heartbreaking. I am reminded and I try to remind others; we can learn our lessons in a loving way. Still, there are some lessons that can only be learned through heartache or heartbreak. Growth that can only happen through seeing the shadow parts of ourselves, along with others. The shadow self comes to the surface to heal so that we can move forward and grow. Which brings us to today’s Love Tip, Let go and Let God.

Let go and let God does not mean you don't do the work or put in the effort. You do and you should. If you really listen and reflect, you'll see that things do happen for a reason. That the lows will catapult you to your wonderful life full of possibilities. Where once you feel small or stagnate, you will feel renewed, large and alive if you allow it.  It's hard to do this.  That's why not everyone does.

It's not easy to let go and let God. It's not easy to let go.  It’s not easy to be open.  It’s not easy to have an idea of how your life should be or what it should look like and then have that assumption come apart.  To be open to what is from your spirit self and not from your ego self, is truly where you will see the most wonderful changes occur in your life.  To be open to being cracked open so that you can truly see what you are made of is a gift. 

I was brought up Catholic but I consider myself spiritual not wanting to put a label on my beliefs because I feel that's not inclusive.  Saying I belong to one group, separates me from others.  I don't want to be separated, I want to feel connected. We are all children of God. I struggled with my faith for a long time. Especially after my assault. If you have been reading my writing for years, you would know I was assaulted at the age of 16.  After my assault, I wondered what many in any traumatic position have thought, “Why did this happen to me?”  “Am I bring punished?”  After the fact, I thought God abandoned me.  While I was being assaulted, I do remember a few moments when I felt God was with me. I felt God "save" me sort of speak from the pain that was being inflicted upon my body. I felt myself being removed from my body. Still, I was a teenager and not understanding what was occurring with my body and my mind, then  my spirit also wavered.

My dreams have always been very powerful and continue to become more powerful, as I get older. I find in my dreams I have no ego. Which makes allowing myself to feel or believe something easier. The questions I struggle with in my waking life, have clarity in my dreams. When I need answers, I will look to my dreams because of my lack of ego. I know what I am being shown is from the spirit and my heart of hearts where true love and no judgment is held. My junior or senior year in high school I had a dream that allowed me to find my faith again. I was riding around in a car with friends, we were acting like teenagers; causing trouble and getting into trouble when the car went over a cliff. I held onto the side of the cliff for dear life and I began to pray to God to help me. "Please save me God" I said as I felt my fingertips lose their grip and the sand begin to crumble under my hands. I saw a great white light cascade over me and fill up my sight. I felt warm, comforted and at peace. I woke up calm and in a way, renewed. After I lost my faith, that's the true moment I believed in God and what God means within my life.

My mother once said to me that faith is not taught, it's caught.  My assault changed my trajectory.  As a child, I wanted to grow up to be a mother and a wife.  After my assault, my purpose changed.  If I hadn’t been assaulted, I know I would have been married soon after high school.  Because of the change in my purpose I have gone on to travel the world, live all over the country, connect to those I would have never connected to and help others heal in ways I would have never imagined.  I have often said, “I have loved enough for a thousand lifetimes.”  And I have and continue to love and find love within my life.  I hope you do as well.  I hope you realize you are a co-creator in your life.  Listen to your heart and always chose love.  This is my wish for you.

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If you missed the latest episode of Island Girls Podcast with ACKtive Life, click here to listen.


Peace, Love and Hugs,

PS. I love this song by Hillary Scott and her family.  She wrote this song after she experienced a miscarriage.  It's a very powerful song that brings tears to my eyes.  Video here

LoveBlog - As the light rises, so does the shadow


Have you ever been on a cleanse? Cleanses are a nice way for the body to get rid of toxins. Often times, the toxins come to the surface and manifest in different ways; headaches, moodiness, acne, nausea, so on and so on. The toxins could be the good we eat and/or emotions. If we keep up with the cleanse, keep drinking plenty of fluids, I also find prayer and meditation to help gain strength and clarity, we will make it through with our body, mind and spirit clear and healthy. There are many different types of cleanses; just eating clean and drinking water will cleanse the body. There are extreme cleanses, mind cleanses and everything in between cleanses. I use this example because our world is shifting and moving into a higher vibration. We can tell by feeling but also by watching. Over the past year especially, we have had so much violence. Which are our shadow selves coming to the surface. Our toxins if you will. There are also a lot more people wanting to become peaceful and loving, our light side. We need the shadow self to come to the surface so we can recognize, grow, heal and let go. As this shift occurs to the light, there will be those that feel left behind and fearful. They will and have acted out. People are fearful currently because of the new president elect and the future of the USA. I for one want to give him a chance. Not to say I voted for him, but he was elected. Let's see. There are people I trust, that are good, loving people that say give him a chance. Regardless of if you do or not, if you're reading this, know you always have a choice; will you choose love or fear? Will you choose light or the shadow? It resides in us all. Remember, as the light rises, so does the shadow. As you become a brighter light, those around you may feel left behind, be gentle with them. Which brings us to this week's love tip; you have both light and a shadow side inside you. It's your choice which one comes to the surface. Honor them both. 

Choose light but also allow the shadow self to come to the surface to be healed and transmuted to love and light. 
I have some ways in which you can continue to be the light. 
First off. Protect yourself energetically. You can use these at any time. Especially helpful when encountering those with a deep shadow. Ways to protect yourself; ask God to protect you and keep you safe. 
Hold your hand over your stomach. Imagine a cocoon of golden light being wrapped around you. 

Here are some ways to continue raising your vibration. (As you raise your vibration, you help to raise the vibration of the world.)

  • Meditation and prayer
  • Walking in nature
  • Growing something
  • Digging in the dirt
  • Respecting the earth. 
  • Being around and learning from children and animals. Children and animals are the closest to god and they are light filled beings. They can teach us a lot about love and life. They can teach us to play, forgive, let go, have joy, have an open mind and so much more. Allow them to. 
  • Volunteer. Get out and help others. 
  • Hugs. The benefits of a hug; Did you know that hugs release oxytocin and serotonin which can boost the immune system, combat feelings of depression, anger and loneliness. It is extremely effective at elevating the levels of happiness.  Hugs relax our muscles, increase the circulation of blood flow, and allows the central nervous system to take over from ‘fight or flight.’ All of this, and it doesn’t take that much time to give/receive a hug.  It has been said, that we need four hugs a day to survive, eight for maintenance and twelve to thrive.  
  • Use white light. To do this, first ground yourself. Then imagine a white light above you; could be a candle, a lighthouse, a star or anything else that shines. See the light being poured over you and move through your whole body. See the light fill up your body. Do this whenever, wherever. Take it up a notch and see those you love and care for filled with light. See those whom are challenging you filled with light. See situations and places filled with light. 
  • A way I have found to make situations peaceful and to help forgive is to send people blessings or love or light. For example: Let us say someone cut you off while driving, after you're done cursing at them, send them a blessing, love and/or light. Ask and say thank you for protection. I have found more often than not, this works. Even for people that don't believe in any of this, there's a shift and a change. 
  • Being active and/or yoga.  If you would like to practice the physical form of yoga here's the Dharma Yoga Schedule Dharma is my yoga home, where I teach and practice. 


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