LoveBlog - if you need your partner to have any of the following, you're not ready for a relationship


I remember when I was 20-something at my cousin's baby shower, I told another cousin that I wanted a large engagement ring. She said “When you find the right guy, you won’t care about the ring." That wise comment has stayed with me ever since. Up until that point, I'd had the belief that it was important what someone looked like, and that their job and the engagement ring better be amazing otherwise they don’t love you. Boy was I wrong! Soon after this, I did meet a wonderful man and I didn’t care if I had a ring at all. I just wanted to build a life with him. Why? Because I wasn’t focused on the superficial. I was focused on who he was, and how I felt when I was with him.

If you're focused on their looks, how much money they make, the material goods that they own: their house, car, clothes, or where they live, put the brakes on, . Anything that has it's foundation in the superficial will never stand the test of time. You may still fall in love with someone who has everything in the world. Even if you’re not focused on how someone looks, you can still be madly attracted to them. Just because you’re not focused on the superficial, doesn’t mean it won’t be there. So, enjoy!

This weeks Love Lesson is all about getting back to the heart and soul. Life can change in a heartbeat. You want a true partner in life. If someone is only in it for as long as their beloved is attractive and a success, you both have wasted Life's precious time..

Love Lessons EP 13 - You're not ready for a relationship if you want the following


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