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nour·ish [ˈnəriSH

1. provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition:  

"I was doing everything I could to nourish and protect the baby"

Synonyms; feed, provide for, sustain, maintain

2. keep (a feeling or belief) in one's mind, typically for a long time: 

"he has long nourished an ambition to bring the show to Broadway"

Synonyms; cherish, nurture, foster, harbor, nurse, entertain, maintain, hold, have

This past year, Sara Divello has used this word twice when speaking with me. Sara Divello wrote about her experiences of the transition from the corporate world to the yoga mat in her book, ‘Where in the Om am I?’  She guides yoga in the Boston area each week and travels around the world helping people gain insight into their purpose in life through many techniques in addition to yoga.  During the 2016 Nantucket Yoga Festival weekend I was lucky enough to be her ambassador. When she arrived, she handed a sweet little bag with a note inside which read, “You deserve to nourish yourself.”  Inside the bag were an array of heathy treats she made herself as well as some other items of sustenance for the weekend. 

The weekend was hectic and I was grateful for the snacks. Her words didn't register until the beginning of this year when I needed a last minute place to stay in Boston and she opened the doors to her beautiful home to me. I had an early flight and when I awoke, she had prepared a brown paper bag full of goodies with a note written on the front, "Dorothy, stay nourished on your flight to Florida. Xoxo Sara"


This is the moment the word nourish kicked in for me and it's importance as well as the fact that Idon't think I "nourish" myself as best as I can. Without knowing, Sara was giving me valuable advice. I then began to change and remind myself of Sara's words "I deserve to be nourished." I deserve nourishment for my physical body, spiritual body, emotional body, mental body, financial body and energetic body. We all do.  We all deserve to be nourished. 


Side Note; if you ever get the chance to hear Sara say the word "nourished," do it. For me, the moment I hear her say that word and the way she says it I feel nourished. I feel filled with health and peace.  She will be at this year's Nantucket Yoga Festival. Her workshop topics are going to nourish your soul. Not to be missed!  Here’s a link to her website which has the classes she offers every week as well the events she will be a part of this year.  Follow her on Instagram, FB, or twitter @saradivello to stay abreast of all of her goings on.  Her website;


Ways to nourish your body

Body: Savor your food. Eat food that you feel could heal you and make you feel satisfied.  I love a salad with lots of veggies both raw and roasted.  I’m obsessed with roasted sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts.  So easy to do and so flavorful!  Slice up, put the veggies on a tray with oil, salt and pepper.  Place in oven for 400 degrees F for 30 minutes. 

Soul: Take a walk in nature.  Studies have shown that a 15 minute walk in the woods changes and resets the brain chemistry.  Allowing you a reboot to your mindset.  

Mind: Reading something inspirational and uplifting.  Whether it be spiritual or just a beautiful story of love and achievement.  I love reading the Power of Now.  

Finances: Forgive and be gentle with yourself.  Know that everyone struggles and take one step at a time when it comes to paying bills, saving and planning for the future.  There are books out there that map out a plan for your finances.  I believe, if you have a plan with small steps, anything feels less overwhelming.  Look into Dave Ramsey’s book.  

Emotionally: Spend time with someone you love. Laugh, hug, cry, tell stories with someone you love and care for.  A half hour to an hour can reset your day.  No one near by, call someone over the phone. 

Energetic Body: Receive or give yourself a massage or body treatment.  You can picture white light filling your body, healing your body and wrapping you in a cocoon of light.  


Dorothy wears many hats.  She’s an author, blogger, guides yoga at Dharma Yoga Nantucket and is a Matchmaker for Tawkify.  Years ago she decided that everything she would do in life, she would do for love.  

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