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I recently saw an offering from a yoga/spiritual company where the title was ‘Find true love in x amount of days’. This isn't the first time I've seen an offering like this. We all want to find true love; True romantic love. The love that can't break. The love that will never leave us. Yet, I think we've forgotten what it means in this regard for true love. We want a love that doesn't break, doesn't leave us, and loves us for who we are. Are we willing to give the same back? In relationships, it's never even. In a partnership, sometimes it means being there when the other person doesn't want to be. Sometimes it means sacrificing. Sometimes it means speaking up. Sometimes it means giving space. Sometimes it means you're the one being taken care of. Other times you're the caregiver. Partnerships/ relationships and friendships when real love is present mean it's not always a smile on your face or feel good feelings. I am getting off of what I really want to discuss.  This real love talk is for another day. 


That type of love I don’t think you can find in a certain amount of days. I think romantic love, partnerships love, friendship love finds us. Not the other way around. I think when other people are involved; sometimes you can do all the work and be waiting for that special someone to show up. After all we have free will and so does the other person. Maybe they need to be ready before meeting you or the other way around. 

Don’t worry, there's still hope to find love in a matter of days.  Usually, it feels like an instant when you do find it. 

The love I believe you can find in a certain time frame is the love of yourself. Corny I know but real. When you find love for yourself you'll never give up, you'll always be supportive, you'll love you for you and you won't leave. 

How do you fall in love with yourself? It's just like falling in love with anyone, you make a choice. You make a choice to open your heart to it. You make a choice to get to know you more. 

There's something Mr. Rogers said that has stayed with me. "Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story."  We all have a story. What's yours?  This is the first step. Write down your story. Remind yourself why you are wonderful. What you've gone through and come out on the other side. We've all gone through something and survived. Maybe even thrived. Remind yourself of your story and how strong and capable you are. Remind yourself of whom you really are deep down inside. Keep reminding yourself.  That’s how you’ll fall in love with yourself over and over again.


Here are some ways to love yourself. 

-Forgive yourself. We are human, remember that. You were not made to be perfect. Forgive yourself of your mistakes. Forgive yourself for your past. Strive to be better today and tomorrow. Then forgive yourself again when you stumble. 


-Give yourself permission. Be you! It's ok to be a little weird. It's ok to think the thoughts you think that are different from others. Give yourself permission to be you. After awhile it won't matter what others think. And soon you'll find others that are inspired by you or admire who you are. 


-Do one thing a day that's just for you and you alone. If you're a mom you're probably saying "I wish I had time to do one thing for myself" I get it. Time is a luxury. But so is health. If you feel good, your family feels good. We humans are powerful. We can affect those around us. Just by taking care of ourselves we can inspire others to take care of themselves. If we feel like crap, those around us feel like crap. Again we are powerful. Our energy has a ripple effect. It's your choice. Doing something for you can begin small. Maybe it's having a 7am dance party? Maybe a sheet mask over the face? Make yourself a priority. That's what love does. 


-Be the love you wish to receive. Give yourself love. Give others love. Don't stop loving. Feel sad, show love to yourself and others. Feel angry and upset, show love to yourself and others. Feel unloved, show love to yourself and others. The love which you want, show yourself and others that kind of love. Maybe it's touch? Give more hugs. Maybe it's talking, call a friend. Maybe it's gifts, buy yourself or someone something. Maybe it's time spent, volunteer. However, in whatever manner you want to receive love, show that to yourself and to others. And don't stop loving. If you feel depleted, love yourself. If you feel alone, there are others who are looking for love. I find volunteering or sharing time with seniors and with animals to be most rewarding.  

 Which brings us to this week's love tip; When you learn to love yourself, you'll always be loved for who you are and what you do. Appreciate yourself. 

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