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I remember my mother driving when I was very little with me sitting in the back of the car. I spoke up "Mom, are we rich?"  Her reply I'll never forget, "We are rich with love." I understood her as a child but as I grew up, I lost that understanding of what it means to be rich, successful or wealthy. So what is wealth? What is true wealth for that matter? Why do we work so hard? The older I get the more I realize that time is actually what characterizes if one has wealth. Time to do the things you want and like to do. Time with those you care and love. The time to be able to take care of yourself. It doesn't actually matter the amount of money you may have in your bank account that makes you wealthly but the time you have or feel you have. The freedom that comes with time well spent. The love you feel in your everyday life is what characterizes someone, in my opinion, as being a very wealthly person. 

This past weekend, I had a mini family reunion on the cape in Falmouth. About 30 relitives staying at my uncles family's house on the cape. Our family gatherings are always like 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' but without the wedding and we're not Greek. A bunch of us took a walk to the beach with the children. As the kids played in the sand and water collecting treasures, I sat with my sisters. We were each holding onto some of the younger kiddos. Tears began to well up in my eyes because I appreciated the moment fully. None of us know how long we will have in this world or how long we will have with those we love. And that's exactly why I became emotional. It suddenly dawned on me that this moment will never happen quite the same way again. A mini miracle that the three of my sisters were there with me. It made me realize how wealthy and rich with love I am. My advice to you; Treasure your moments. Put down the phone. Be in the moment. And remember, if you say yes to something that means you need to say no to something else. Which brings us to today's Love Tip : know what's important to you and say "yes" to those priorities. Give yourself permission to say "no" when it's not one of those priorities. Life really is precious. Treat it so. 

Yoga for your evolution. Every Wednesday at 530pm at Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs in the hayloft at Bartlett's we focus on a different chakra. This week it's the solar plexus, which is the energy point that rules your strength and power. Aka Your ability to say "no" when you mean no and "yes" when you mean yes. Come stand in your power. 

Yoga Offerings this week.Click here to book your spot.

Monday's. Restorative with Sheri. 830am. All Levels with Ted. 530pm
Tuesday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann. 
Wednesday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. Hatha 530pm with me.
Thursday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann. 
Friday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. Candlelight restorative 530pm with Ted and Joann. 
Saturday's. All levels. 415pm with Joann. 
Sunday's. All levels 830am and gentle 1015am with Joann. 

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