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Before the LoveBlog, I used to have a weekly column called Freaky Friday on the Nantucket Chronicle.  I loved when people would write in asking their love and sex questions.  Sex is so taboo.  We are suppose to keep everything so quiet.  And while I of course love mystery and I believe we don’t have everything, I do believe we are doing ourselves a disservice by not having an open dialog when it comes to sexuality.  Because we do not have an open dialog about sex, I see people acting out and not understanding and respecting sex and their own sexual selves.

Hands down the best sex is sex that includes love and connection.  It could be the connection to ourselves or a partner.  When love and connection are involved with sex, the world makes sense.  We are better humans.  We have better relationships.  We have a healthier self. 

Today’s love lesson episode is a little tip for unleashing your sexual goddess and two of my favorite sex toys.  I love love love these toys!

Full disclosure I am not being paid for my review.  I love these toys so much, I have since gotten rid of all of my other toys.  These are just so perfect!!!

If you would like the three tips on how to unleash your sexual goddess, click here

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Love Lessons Ep #9 Unleashing your sexual goddess & my favorite sex toys