Loveblog - Treat Others Like They Are Dying


Two years ago yesterday I was with my family surrounding my granny in her hospital room. I sat on the edge of her bed as My sisters and I sang a lullaby she used to sing to us as she made her last few breath's. It is a moment I will never forget. Witnessing her final breath and in an instant, I could see she was no longer there. Her soul had left. I looked down at my hand and realized I was holding onto her foot tightly. I didn't want to let go of my granny. For years, almost once a week I would go sit on her bed and we would talk. She wasn't much of a talker and she usually only liked five minute visits from people but with me we would sit for an hour or more talking about life, playing games and she always wanted to hear stories from my love life. She loved my stories and would often say in a delightful way,"oh my crazy grand daughter!"

There is nothing to fear in dying. I don't fear death. I fear those I love not knowing how much I care. I am afraid to not forgive fast because maybe this is my last moment with them. I'm ok with hugging a little longer, saying I love you, forgiving and forgetting. Why? Because life is short and life is precious. People are what matters most.

Today's love lesson is a question, 'what if we treated others like they were dying?'

Click here to watch episode 2 of Love Lessons, a five minute video. Sending love you way!