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Practically every client I have, whether they are a matchmaking client or a relationship client, they all want someone that is confident. When digging deeper into what is confidence and why do they want it the conversation usually leads to the following answers; because there's something about them and confidence is sexy.

For those out there that are concerned they will never find someone because of their age, their weight or their desires know that sexy and attractiveness has very little to do with apperences and more to do with how you carry yourself. If you're someone that feels good about who you are, you'll exude confidence. That's the most attractive and sexiest quality you can have. And know you don't have to be loud to be seen as confident. People are very attracted to those that have a quiet confidence.

That's what today's Love Lesson is all about, under five minutes of the sexiest thing about anyone.  To view today's Love Lesson Video click here; Love Lessons Episode 6 Whats The Sexiest Thing


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Today's Love Lesson Video

Love Lessons Episode 6 Whats The Sexiest Thing

Love Lessons Episode 6 Whats The Sexiest Thing