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Years ago, my friend Doug Smith planted the freedom seed within me. Over a decade ago he was making moves to be able to work from anywhere with his business True Nutrition . This inspired me. About five years ago, I also began moving toward that type of occupational freedom. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere and to be with those I love, to travel freely and not be tied to just one spot. 

Now I have that freedom. I can be anywhere in the world, do what I love and contribute. I work every day and a few times a week, I wash my hair, throw it in rollers and plug away just like this. This is what I look like behind the scenes.  I work from my bed when I'm home because my cat Jack will climb all over me if I work from a desk. So I brought the desk to the bed. He lays on my lap or beside me and I work away. I love it! Plus, the bed is where I get all my good ideas 💕

Last year I was able to pack myself and Jack up and help my family. While my mother was in the hospital, I was able to be with her and not think about an office I would have to get back to. Being with her during that time, and then having that freedom in the first few months of mourning her, was such a blessing. So many people don't have that luxury to really dig deep into their grief. I remember getting off the phone with a new client and then bursting into tears. I was alone with my cat.  I could break down completely, then slowly put myself back together and go back to work when I felt ready to. 

My office is always with me. In the coming months I'll be moving back to San Diego, but I’ll always have time for Nantucket. People ask, "what will you do out there?". 

And my reply, "Same thing I'm doing now"! 

Working from anywhere does have its challenges. I wake up and I start working. This isn't so much a challenge per se because I love what I do, but the boundaries are not quite clear. There are also days I'm not motivated and if you work from home or have your own business you need to stay motivated. No one is going to cover me or do the work for me. I am 100% responsible. Freedom is precious.💕

One of my gigs that allows me to work from anywhere is with a great company called @tawkify. I'm a matchmaker with them. If you're interested in learning more about being a matchmaker, direct message me and we can chat. If you're into love and helping people, this will be perfect for you! 

I have spaces left for The Love School Feedback group. You'll have access to The Love School for life as well as a bunch of great goodies! Email me if you're interested

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40 Days of Love - Day 10 - Meditation & Chakra Clearing + Giveaway


Something that has changed my life is meditation and taking care of my chakras. I want to shout from the roof-tops how much my life has changed and spread the word how you can do it too!

What I looked like over a year ago.

Tired all the time- emotionally, physically and mentally drained. Bouts of anger. Easily blown off the handle. Lack of understanding of othersLack of compassion for others. Trouble with mindfulness.Anxiety.Caring what other people thought of me. Lack of strength and fortitude in my beliefs.Weight issues.Feeling lost.Worrying all the time about the past, present and future.

In short, this sums up what was happening in my world a little over a year ago. I was also a fairly positive, happy person to be around but I had so much inner conflict.  So did others around me, so I just assumed it was normal.  Today I don't even recognize the person I once was, and I am so grateful for the change.  This week, I'd like to share with you how this transition came about. It was set into motion by a series of events that allowed me to be more receptive to change, which in turn led me down a very distinct and enlightening path.

July 2014

The Nantucket Yoga Festival 2014. I walked out of that weekend in what I refer to as the love bubble.  It was truly incrediable!  This weekend allowed me to be more receptive and ready to move to the next step in change.

On Thursday of that week, Cate Raphael invited me to have an Akashic Records reading. She asked me if I would like to have my chakras cleared, but I didn't know what to think because I had never heard of chakras! I said 'yes' with hesitation.  She had me hold a bunch of stones and off we went. When I left, I felt amazing! I felt my world had changed, and truly it had. My worries melted away, and I was left with this euphoric feeling that I wanted all day, everyday. My problem was I didn't know where to go from there. I researched for a bit, finding out that the chakras are energy points within you but got off track going any further. Then Cate posted something about Belinda Davidson and the School of the Modern Mystic. It seemed like the direction I wanted to take after a lot of thought and mediating on it, so I decided to sign up for Belinda's course.

My life now, less than a year later, feels peaceful and in harmony. I feel I am capable of so much. I feel strong mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. I feel like a bright light in the world and I am only getting stronger. I have gained patience while finding my life's purpose. I am secure in myself and my body. Which is huge for me because I always struggled with liking and loving my body. I have gained peace and strength in all aspects of my life. Most of all, I am happy! My relationships have improved, and I am able to protect myself so I am not affected by other people's energies. The course has taught me to heal myself, how to bring what I need into my life, and to find harmony in my life. My skin is clearer, (which is a huge bonus!) People see me and think I'm in my 20s not 30s and I was also able to heal and cure a troubling medical issue I've had since I was a teenager. The best part is that I accomplished this on my own with the guidance of the people at SOMM. That experience has been empowering in its own right.

I am writing this because I love how my life has changed from this simple thing of taking care of my chakras. I want this for everyone and I believe this can help anyone and everyone. Personally, I believe we should teach this course to our children to afford them this knowledge and these abilities at an early age.  I wish I learned all of this before becoming a teenager and an adult. I want people to feel that their lives are in balance, and that they are living their life's purpose. When something comes along that rocks their boat, they feel more than capable of handling it. I also want people to be able to manifest what they want and need into their lives effortlessly. I want each person in the world to feel like a bright light, to shine and to inspire others to shine.  This course teaches these things, and it is a fantastic place to start this amazing journey or continue your development.

Belinda has a chakra meditation for busy people and I would love for you to win this giveaway as well as the journey to the white meditation that will help raise for vibration to love and find peace within yourself.

Enter to win by signing up for the newsletter at and sharing this post or writing a comment below on something or someone you love.

Here is where you can learn more about the chakra clearing meditation and purchase your own. She is having a special right now, make sure to check out the chakra meditation and the journey to the white for $19.95aud (less in USA) Click Here for more details

Usually this runs for just under $40 but you're able to receive this for more than half the price. It's amazing and both meditations I do everyday. 

Peace, Love & Hugs, 


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Freaky Friday Post - With Great Vagina Comes Great Responsibility

Post from Freaky Friday on The Nantucket Chronicle

 am going to speak to all the women right now. It's not by chance that you were born a woman. It's by choice. Make no mistake about it, women are incredible.  'With great vagina comes great responsibility' is not about your sexuality, it’s about being female and what that means.  I’m talking about the super power you were born with; just the sheer fact that you are a woman.  We women are powerful creatures, more so than we give ourselves credit for.  What a sole woman can achieve always amazes me.  What a group of women can do makes me proud to have a vagina. As with everything in life, you have a choice in how you will wield your super power; will you exercise your super power for good or for evil?  Will you lift other women up or will you compete and try to knock them down?  Will you inspire others or live in bitterness?

I hope you choose good.    

I hope you’re ‘you’ in everything you do so that your inner light shines brightly for all to see. I hope you don’t shy away from the light because you don’t feel worthy.  I hope you don’t try to dim someone else’s light because you’re jealous.  If you and all the women around you are shining brightly, that in turn helps to brighten the world, as well as inspire others to shine as brightly as they can.  Imagine if we had women all over the world that knew exactly how capable they truly are and what they are meant to do?  We would be unstoppable!  Not only that, we would live in a happier world full of light and joy.  As Dr. King has said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.  Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” 

I was born a girl to a very strong woman, from a long line of strong females. These women took their lives into their own hands and didn’t allow others to speak for them, bring them down or tell them what they couldn’t do or what they were capable of.  My great-great grand mother was the first hairdresser on Nantucket, and she had a very successful business.  The women in my family were on the front lines fighting for women's suffrage.  My mother instilled strength in my sisters and I from a young age; “What are you girls never going to do?” She would say as we drove to school in the mornings.  In unison we would shout, “Depend on a man!” My mother would follow this up by telling us that we have to be able to take care of ourselves.  She wanted her daughters to have the strength to stand up for themselves, and not depend on someone else to make their choices.  She wanted independent, educated daughters.  

As I grew up, I took some of mother's teachings of her own strength and of the women in our family. I have patch worked her knowledge and weaved it through my own beliefs to make a tapestry that is always growing and evolving. It comforts me and keeps me warm through the tough times as well as the good times. I have always known women are powerful.  I know  when women stand up and support each other, we can accomplish great things. In fact, we end up exceeding our beliefs and the beliefs of others. I believe those in the world who want to belittle or oppress women, see the power that we females possess-  even when we're not able to.  That’s why they do what they do, because of fear.  

With great vagina comes great responsibility. What is that responsibility? In my opinion, it's to shine your light as brightly as possible so others feel inspired to shine theirs. To encourage and bring women up to new levels, not force them down. To know who you are, and be uncomprising in that, while at the same time being willing to develop and educate yourself. To be right with your past, happy with your present and excited for the future. If you're being who you are meant to be in this moment, you are doing the world a great service! 

No more being the victim or blaming men or other women for your problems. You're stronger than guilt, you have a f*cking vagina! I mean come on. It can do wondrous things: it can populate a universe, your lady parts can expand 200% , the clitoris has 8000 nerve endings (the penis has 4000), it can take care of its own health by self cleaning, and this powerhouse can take whatever is thrown at it and bounce back. Just like us! 

Peace, Love & Hugs,