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Years ago, my friend Doug Smith planted the freedom seed within me. Over a decade ago he was making moves to be able to work from anywhere with his business True Nutrition . This inspired me. About five years ago, I also began moving toward that type of occupational freedom. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere and to be with those I love, to travel freely and not be tied to just one spot. 

Now I have that freedom. I can be anywhere in the world, do what I love and contribute. I work every day and a few times a week, I wash my hair, throw it in rollers and plug away just like this. This is what I look like behind the scenes.  I work from my bed when I'm home because my cat Jack will climb all over me if I work from a desk. So I brought the desk to the bed. He lays on my lap or beside me and I work away. I love it! Plus, the bed is where I get all my good ideas 💕

Last year I was able to pack myself and Jack up and help my family. While my mother was in the hospital, I was able to be with her and not think about an office I would have to get back to. Being with her during that time, and then having that freedom in the first few months of mourning her, was such a blessing. So many people don't have that luxury to really dig deep into their grief. I remember getting off the phone with a new client and then bursting into tears. I was alone with my cat.  I could break down completely, then slowly put myself back together and go back to work when I felt ready to. 

My office is always with me. In the coming months I'll be moving back to San Diego, but I’ll always have time for Nantucket. People ask, "what will you do out there?". 

And my reply, "Same thing I'm doing now"! 

Working from anywhere does have its challenges. I wake up and I start working. This isn't so much a challenge per se because I love what I do, but the boundaries are not quite clear. There are also days I'm not motivated and if you work from home or have your own business you need to stay motivated. No one is going to cover me or do the work for me. I am 100% responsible. Freedom is precious.💕

One of my gigs that allows me to work from anywhere is with a great company called @tawkify. I'm a matchmaker with them. If you're interested in learning more about being a matchmaker, direct message me and we can chat. If you're into love and helping people, this will be perfect for you! 

I have spaces left for The Love School Feedback group. You'll have access to The Love School for life as well as a bunch of great goodies! Email me if you're interested

Loveblog - Ways to show love and courage

Sometimes we need a little reminder how our actions show we love and care for someone.  

Sometimes we need a little reminder how our actions show we love and care for someone.  

I can't take credit for the following lists; 10 ways to love and 15 ways to show courage. A few weeks ago I saw the "10 ways to show love" posted on someone's desk and I couldn't help but love this list! Beautiful ways to show you love and care for someone in ways that not only doesn't cost a cent but also helps us to grow and show love to ourselves. When searching for this list yesterday I also found the courage list and felt they both went hand in hand, so I wanted to share them with you. The first list is ways to love from the bible. Im not religious but I do appreciate the stories and the teachings. I also pray everyday, all day. I was raised Catholic and I still go to mass on occasion but I don't follow or believe everything that one believes when they are Catholic. I suppose I would be a mixture of all the main religions. Regardless of where you stand, I thought these lists were powerful and truthful. Maybe you would even find them helpful. There's no love tip this week because these lists are full of ideas. Run away with the one that resonates with you the most. 


Courage comes from within and we can show courage in our everyday.   

Courage comes from within and we can show courage in our everyday.   

This Wednesday's yoga offering at Dharma Yoga Nantucket in the hayloft upstairs at Bartlett's Farm we will be getting back to basics with the root chakra. The root chakra is the energy point that rules our basic needs; food, shelter, community, finances etc. come find your footing and feel grounded 530pm Wednesday.

 Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs in the hayloft at Bartlett's Farm. Yoga Offerings this week. Click here to book your spot.

Monday's. Restorative with Sheri. 830am. All Levels with Ted. 530pm
Tuesday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann
Wednesday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. Hatha 530pm with me.
Thursday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann. The night class canceled for this week. These two classes are canceled for this week. There will be a collaboration with Nantucket BlackBook Girls Night In to celebrate six years since Dharma Yoga opened their doors. 6pm in the Hayloft. 
Friday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. This Friday, I will be subbing for Sheri. Candlelight restorative 530pm with Ted and Joann. Class is canceled. 
Saturday's. All levels. 415pm with Joann. I will be subbing for Joann. 
Sunday's. All levels 830am and gentle 1015am with Joann.  I will be subbing for Joann. 


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