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Years ago, my friend Doug Smith planted the freedom seed within me. Over a decade ago he was making moves to be able to work from anywhere with his business True Nutrition . This inspired me. About five years ago, I also began moving toward that type of occupational freedom. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere and to be with those I love, to travel freely and not be tied to just one spot. 

Now I have that freedom. I can be anywhere in the world, do what I love and contribute. I work every day and a few times a week, I wash my hair, throw it in rollers and plug away just like this. This is what I look like behind the scenes.  I work from my bed when I'm home because my cat Jack will climb all over me if I work from a desk. So I brought the desk to the bed. He lays on my lap or beside me and I work away. I love it! Plus, the bed is where I get all my good ideas 💕

Last year I was able to pack myself and Jack up and help my family. While my mother was in the hospital, I was able to be with her and not think about an office I would have to get back to. Being with her during that time, and then having that freedom in the first few months of mourning her, was such a blessing. So many people don't have that luxury to really dig deep into their grief. I remember getting off the phone with a new client and then bursting into tears. I was alone with my cat.  I could break down completely, then slowly put myself back together and go back to work when I felt ready to. 

My office is always with me. In the coming months I'll be moving back to San Diego, but I’ll always have time for Nantucket. People ask, "what will you do out there?". 

And my reply, "Same thing I'm doing now"! 

Working from anywhere does have its challenges. I wake up and I start working. This isn't so much a challenge per se because I love what I do, but the boundaries are not quite clear. There are also days I'm not motivated and if you work from home or have your own business you need to stay motivated. No one is going to cover me or do the work for me. I am 100% responsible. Freedom is precious.💕

One of my gigs that allows me to work from anywhere is with a great company called @tawkify. I'm a matchmaker with them. If you're interested in learning more about being a matchmaker, direct message me and we can chat. If you're into love and helping people, this will be perfect for you! 

I have spaces left for The Love School Feedback group. You'll have access to The Love School for life as well as a bunch of great goodies! Email me if you're interested

LoveBlog - 9 Reasons Why You're Single

9 Reasons Why You’re Single. Hint: Becauae you're awesome! 

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LoveBlog - Free Healing Signup & Protection in relationships

Have you ever had a emotional/physical/mental/spiritual wall up? I'm here to tell you that's ok. You are doing whatever you believe to be helpful and to survive. When it's time, that wall will come down. You'll still be able to learn and grow with the wall up. You'll still be able to have relationships and fall in love with a wall up.  So don’t fret.  

I will say, you won't go very deep into growth, personal development and reach the deeper stages of love until the wall is no more. Walls are the blockages to the really really good stuff. Walls are out up for protection. For whatever reason you have the wall. Perhaps it's from this life or perhaps another life. Either way, it's there.

How does one remove a wall? Will you could smash it down or allow it to be removed one brinkbat a time. My suggestion, explore of avenues of growth and have a therapist. This will allow you to explore safely and openly. Avenues of growth are books, yoga, church, exploring different Faiths, workshops that you feel attracted to, art, movies, discussions with those that don't believe what you believe and seeing their side and on and on.

Spirit guides us to what we need. So if there's something you keep seeing or feeling you should do (without harming yourself or others) such as take a yoga class. Explore different yoga classes. Keep exploring and keep talking. The walls will come down safely. Your world may become disruptive but keep going. Take breaks when you need to.

Prayers and healings really helped my mom while she was in the hospital.  I would like to turn my grief into love and honor for her. Each week people are able to sign up for their prayers and healings here. It's free. Lay down in a comfortable space at 9pm every Tuesday. Be open to receive the healing and prayers. 

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Love Lessons EP 18 Protection in relationships 


Love Lessons EP 18 Protection in relationships

Loveblog - Don't enter into a relationship until you have this first.

If your number 1 priority in life is your significant other you're liable to feel the following; unappreciated, lack of love, unbalanced, a feeling as though you have lost who you are and last but not least, drained.

Why? Because your number one priority should be yourself.  You should come before anything else; family, work, your significant other. You matter. You should be number 1. It's not selfish, it's common sense. If you're not feeling healthy and whole, you're not available for your family, friends, work or a relationship. If you keep giving yourself away, you'll have nothing left. Love should flow to and from you. Sometimes love doesn't come from others the way we would like it to. This is why it's important to love ourselves and understand we need to give ourselves the love we need and not rely on others to do it for us. 

In a month or so I will be launching my first course of my love school. The course will be a love 101 class, helping you gain a deeper relationship with your self and others so that you can attracted a deeper romantic relationship.If you would like to be notified of when these Love Lessons and the launch of the love school,  plus I give special treatment to those whom are subscribed to the Love Letter, join here, It's Free, the way love should be. It takes about 30 seconds to sign up. Peace, Love & Hugs! And thank you for reading/watching/sharing and checking in ❤️.

Link below for today's Love Lesson Episode what you need before entering into a relationship. 


Love Lessons Episode 8 #1 Thing you need before you're in a relationship

LoveBlog - 3 ways for you to fall in love with anyone

It’s 4 in the morning. I’m up to workout and accomplish a few things for me before the kids are up for school. These precious morning hours are spent on me; workout for me, meditate for me, read and continue education for me. I currently have no makeup, my hair isn’t brushed, my teeth are for sure not brushed. This is me. This is the real me. We are never more real that when we first wake up in the morning. The reason I say all of this is if I don’t love myself like this, who will? I also say this because the surface doesn’t matter. It’s all superficial. There will be people out there that will find me attractive and others that will not find me attractive. It doesn’t matter. There will be people out there that are attracted to you and not attracted to you. It doesn’t matter. What really and truly matters is in your heart. It’s your passions. It’s the good deeds you do that you don’t tell anyone about. It’s how you treat others. How you treat yourself. It’s your purpose that matters. When it comes to finding a significant other and being in a happy relationship this has nothing to do with the outer surface and everything to do with what’s inside and the connection. Chemistry comes in various different ways but the greatest comes down to heart.

If what’s on the outside is a priority for you, then you’re not ready for long lasting love. You’re not in that mind set to reach deep love. You still have some ways to go. You’re like shallow hal. And that’s ok. I would suggest staying single and work on yourself. Learn to love and accept yourself. The love of self will lead you to the deeper love. That really great passion and amazing sex love comes from the deep love. The love people are wishing for, the everlasting love has nothing to do with what’s on the outside and everything to do with what’s on the inside.

What is the type of love that matters and is best long term? Let me give an example from TV...One you can pick up and watch for yourself.  There’s a Sex in the City episode where Miranda is giving her husband’s mother a bath.  Her mother in law has dementia and was lost and dirty when she showed up at the house. The woman that has been cleaning Miranda’s house for years walked by the bathroom to see this and smiled to Miranda. Later said to Miranda’s “that is love” and hugged her.

This is the truth. If your significant other isn’t willing to treat your family like their family. If they aren’t willing or wanting to step up to help without being asked, don’t marry them. They are not ready for marriage and long term partnership. If you’re not ready for this deep of love, don’t get married. Sure date, wear protection because you don’t want to have a baby with any woman or man that isn’t ready for that type of love. Because things will get real.  You can still have attraction, great sex and a real life relationship.  It takes searching and seeking the best in each other and being there no matter what.  It takes seeing them for their good and their heart.

If you’re not there, there are things you can do to reach this deep kind of love and not focus on the surface.  This is this week’s Love Lesson, 3 ways to fall in love with anyone no matter what they look like.  Click here to watch this week’s Love Lesson.

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Today's Love Lesson Video


Love Lessons Episode 7 - 3 Ways to fall in love with anyone no matter what they look like

Loveblog - The Sexiest and Most attractive Thing Ever!

Practically every client I have, whether they are a matchmaking client or a relationship client, they all want someone that is confident. When digging deeper into what is confidence and why do they want it the conversation usually leads to the following answers; because there's something about them and confidence is sexy.

For those out there that are concerned they will never find someone because of their age, their weight or their desires know that sexy and attractiveness has very little to do with apperences and more to do with how you carry yourself. If you're someone that feels good about who you are, you'll exude confidence. That's the most attractive and sexiest quality you can have. And know you don't have to be loud to be seen as confident. People are very attracted to those that have a quiet confidence.

That's what today's Love Lesson is all about, under five minutes of the sexiest thing about anyone.  To view today's Love Lesson Video click here; Love Lessons Episode 6 Whats The Sexiest Thing


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Today's Love Lesson Video

Love Lessons Episode 6 Whats The Sexiest Thing

Love Lessons Episode 6 Whats The Sexiest Thing

LoveBlog - How to Rise with Love

Falling in love on the surface sounds absolutely wonderful doesn’t it!  Below, at the root of what it means to fall in love, essentially means to fall.  What happens when we fall?  We get hurt.  There is no way to not get hurt.  Even if you avoid people all together, you’ll still end up hurting because all humans need love and connection.  It’s a basic need.  So if one of your basic needs are not being met in some way, shape or form, you’ll hurt on some level.  I want you to love.  If falling in love is your game then do it.  Today I would like to offer an alternative, to rise with love.  To always remember to come from a place of love. I can’t say you won’t get hurt but you will feel better about your relationships with all people and how you are within the world.  I am putting myself out there a little more and have decided to start a YouTube Channel.  Here is the first episode of Love Lessons, How to not fall in love but to rise with love.  I hope you like it!  Now my channel is a baby channel.  This is my first video. So if you like it, please let me know.  If there’s something you think I can improve upon, please let me know.  It will really help me become my best self and hopefully help others with love within themselves and their lives.  I will have videos out every Tuesday.  (I’ve already recorded and edited the next three and plan on keeping this schedule and being consistent.)


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Here’s the first episode! Peace, Love & Hugs! Dorothy


Thank you for watching the first episode of Love Lessons, How to not fall in love but to rise with love.

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LoveBlog - New Island Girls Podcast with a Mountain Man


(This week I'm not having anyone look over my blog post for spelling and grammar mistakes.  I'm sure this post will be riddled with them.  I wanted to make sure I got this out there to you.  Thank you for your patience!)

Katie and I love being able to do these podcasts!  This week we were able to sit down with our very own Mountain Man, Kelly Steffen.  He’s 27 years old romantic and fighter for the underdog.  He gave us insight into the dating world we never would have gained on our own.  It’s amazing the differences dating when we were 27 vs the 27 year olds now.  This week we were engrossed in conversation and lost track of time.  It’s a full hour!  In the future we will try to keep the posts to 30 minutes or less.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

This Week's Podcast with a Kelly Steffen, our Mountain Man -

The Love Tip from this week comes from the podcast; Let go of expectations.  Hold onto standards.

Expectations ruin things.  Having a standard is different.  Standards can elevate.  Expectations - a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. "Reality had not lived up to expectations"  Standard - a level of quality or attainment.  "Their restaurant offers a high standard of service"

We would love to hear from you. Listen to the podcast and let us know what you think.  What do you think of the current dating world?  Anything you think we can do to improve?  Anything you love about dating in today’s digital age? Do you like the idea of having standards instead of expectations?


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