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LoveBlog - 9 Reasons Why You're Single

9 Reasons Why You’re Single. Hint: Becauae you're awesome! 

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LoveBlog - Free Healing Signup & Protection in relationships

Have you ever had a emotional/physical/mental/spiritual wall up? I'm here to tell you that's ok. You are doing whatever you believe to be helpful and to survive. When it's time, that wall will come down. You'll still be able to learn and grow with the wall up. You'll still be able to have relationships and fall in love with a wall up.  So don’t fret.  

I will say, you won't go very deep into growth, personal development and reach the deeper stages of love until the wall is no more. Walls are the blockages to the really really good stuff. Walls are out up for protection. For whatever reason you have the wall. Perhaps it's from this life or perhaps another life. Either way, it's there.

How does one remove a wall? Will you could smash it down or allow it to be removed one brinkbat a time. My suggestion, explore of avenues of growth and have a therapist. This will allow you to explore safely and openly. Avenues of growth are books, yoga, church, exploring different Faiths, workshops that you feel attracted to, art, movies, discussions with those that don't believe what you believe and seeing their side and on and on.

Spirit guides us to what we need. So if there's something you keep seeing or feeling you should do (without harming yourself or others) such as take a yoga class. Explore different yoga classes. Keep exploring and keep talking. The walls will come down safely. Your world may become disruptive but keep going. Take breaks when you need to.

Prayers and healings really helped my mom while she was in the hospital.  I would like to turn my grief into love and honor for her. Each week people are able to sign up for their prayers and healings here. It's free. Lay down in a comfortable space at 9pm every Tuesday. Be open to receive the healing and prayers. 

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Love Lessons EP 18 Protection in relationships 


Love Lessons EP 18 Protection in relationships

LoveBlog - 3 ways for you to fall in love with anyone

It’s 4 in the morning. I’m up to workout and accomplish a few things for me before the kids are up for school. These precious morning hours are spent on me; workout for me, meditate for me, read and continue education for me. I currently have no makeup, my hair isn’t brushed, my teeth are for sure not brushed. This is me. This is the real me. We are never more real that when we first wake up in the morning. The reason I say all of this is if I don’t love myself like this, who will? I also say this because the surface doesn’t matter. It’s all superficial. There will be people out there that will find me attractive and others that will not find me attractive. It doesn’t matter. There will be people out there that are attracted to you and not attracted to you. It doesn’t matter. What really and truly matters is in your heart. It’s your passions. It’s the good deeds you do that you don’t tell anyone about. It’s how you treat others. How you treat yourself. It’s your purpose that matters. When it comes to finding a significant other and being in a happy relationship this has nothing to do with the outer surface and everything to do with what’s inside and the connection. Chemistry comes in various different ways but the greatest comes down to heart.

If what’s on the outside is a priority for you, then you’re not ready for long lasting love. You’re not in that mind set to reach deep love. You still have some ways to go. You’re like shallow hal. And that’s ok. I would suggest staying single and work on yourself. Learn to love and accept yourself. The love of self will lead you to the deeper love. That really great passion and amazing sex love comes from the deep love. The love people are wishing for, the everlasting love has nothing to do with what’s on the outside and everything to do with what’s on the inside.

What is the type of love that matters and is best long term? Let me give an example from TV...One you can pick up and watch for yourself.  There’s a Sex in the City episode where Miranda is giving her husband’s mother a bath.  Her mother in law has dementia and was lost and dirty when she showed up at the house. The woman that has been cleaning Miranda’s house for years walked by the bathroom to see this and smiled to Miranda. Later said to Miranda’s “that is love” and hugged her.

This is the truth. If your significant other isn’t willing to treat your family like their family. If they aren’t willing or wanting to step up to help without being asked, don’t marry them. They are not ready for marriage and long term partnership. If you’re not ready for this deep of love, don’t get married. Sure date, wear protection because you don’t want to have a baby with any woman or man that isn’t ready for that type of love. Because things will get real.  You can still have attraction, great sex and a real life relationship.  It takes searching and seeking the best in each other and being there no matter what.  It takes seeing them for their good and their heart.

If you’re not there, there are things you can do to reach this deep kind of love and not focus on the surface.  This is this week’s Love Lesson, 3 ways to fall in love with anyone no matter what they look like.  Click here to watch this week’s Love Lesson.

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Love Lessons Episode 7 - 3 Ways to fall in love with anyone no matter what they look like

LoveBlog - Don't turn your back on love.

Loveblog. Don't turn your back and on love.



Today is Day 22 of #MoreLoveMarch and it's to kiss someone you love. The whole idea behind more love March is to bring more love into the world. Before the month began, I knew this would be a tough month for not only myself but others. I know the little prompts each day has helped me feel love on days love was the furthest thing from my mind. If you're following along, I hope it's helped you as well. I know for some, this month has been very taxing and challenging. There's so much going on; astrologically, election year and energetically. There are also so many happy times and miracles as well. How could there not be? The world likes balance. For every hurt there is a healing.


There's an infinite amount of ways to love and be loved. Don't deny whatever way love comes to you. A hug from a stranger, a kiss from a muddy dog, or the chance to say I love you when you mean it. Don't deny love. Don't turn your back on it. And if you think you don't have love in your life, become that which you want. Easier said than done, I know. Take a moment and write down what's missing in your life, then star what you could do yourself. Think outside the box. And please, to bring balance, write down all the good things in your life. All of what you are grateful for. 


Which brings me to today's love tip, kiss often. Kissing is a hug for the lips and the heart. A kiss is a direct connection to parts of ourselves we don't share with others. A kiss on the cheek can chase the blues away. A kiss makes the world a better place.


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This week's yoga offering is getting back to basics, the root chakra. The root chakra governs your place and connection in the world and to other people, your basic needs like money, food and shelter. Wednesday, 530pm Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs at in the hayloft at Bartlett's Farm. Come feel grounded and secure.


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