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Years ago, my friend Doug Smith planted the freedom seed within me. Over a decade ago he was making moves to be able to work from anywhere with his business True Nutrition . This inspired me. About five years ago, I also began moving toward that type of occupational freedom. I wanted to be able to work from anywhere and to be with those I love, to travel freely and not be tied to just one spot. 

Now I have that freedom. I can be anywhere in the world, do what I love and contribute. I work every day and a few times a week, I wash my hair, throw it in rollers and plug away just like this. This is what I look like behind the scenes.  I work from my bed when I'm home because my cat Jack will climb all over me if I work from a desk. So I brought the desk to the bed. He lays on my lap or beside me and I work away. I love it! Plus, the bed is where I get all my good ideas 💕

Last year I was able to pack myself and Jack up and help my family. While my mother was in the hospital, I was able to be with her and not think about an office I would have to get back to. Being with her during that time, and then having that freedom in the first few months of mourning her, was such a blessing. So many people don't have that luxury to really dig deep into their grief. I remember getting off the phone with a new client and then bursting into tears. I was alone with my cat.  I could break down completely, then slowly put myself back together and go back to work when I felt ready to. 

My office is always with me. In the coming months I'll be moving back to San Diego, but I’ll always have time for Nantucket. People ask, "what will you do out there?". 

And my reply, "Same thing I'm doing now"! 

Working from anywhere does have its challenges. I wake up and I start working. This isn't so much a challenge per se because I love what I do, but the boundaries are not quite clear. There are also days I'm not motivated and if you work from home or have your own business you need to stay motivated. No one is going to cover me or do the work for me. I am 100% responsible. Freedom is precious.💕

One of my gigs that allows me to work from anywhere is with a great company called @tawkify. I'm a matchmaker with them. If you're interested in learning more about being a matchmaker, direct message me and we can chat. If you're into love and helping people, this will be perfect for you! 

I have spaces left for The Love School Feedback group. You'll have access to The Love School for life as well as a bunch of great goodies! Email me if you're interested

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LoveBlog - 3 ways for you to fall in love with anyone

It’s 4 in the morning. I’m up to workout and accomplish a few things for me before the kids are up for school. These precious morning hours are spent on me; workout for me, meditate for me, read and continue education for me. I currently have no makeup, my hair isn’t brushed, my teeth are for sure not brushed. This is me. This is the real me. We are never more real that when we first wake up in the morning. The reason I say all of this is if I don’t love myself like this, who will? I also say this because the surface doesn’t matter. It’s all superficial. There will be people out there that will find me attractive and others that will not find me attractive. It doesn’t matter. There will be people out there that are attracted to you and not attracted to you. It doesn’t matter. What really and truly matters is in your heart. It’s your passions. It’s the good deeds you do that you don’t tell anyone about. It’s how you treat others. How you treat yourself. It’s your purpose that matters. When it comes to finding a significant other and being in a happy relationship this has nothing to do with the outer surface and everything to do with what’s inside and the connection. Chemistry comes in various different ways but the greatest comes down to heart.

If what’s on the outside is a priority for you, then you’re not ready for long lasting love. You’re not in that mind set to reach deep love. You still have some ways to go. You’re like shallow hal. And that’s ok. I would suggest staying single and work on yourself. Learn to love and accept yourself. The love of self will lead you to the deeper love. That really great passion and amazing sex love comes from the deep love. The love people are wishing for, the everlasting love has nothing to do with what’s on the outside and everything to do with what’s on the inside.

What is the type of love that matters and is best long term? Let me give an example from TV...One you can pick up and watch for yourself.  There’s a Sex in the City episode where Miranda is giving her husband’s mother a bath.  Her mother in law has dementia and was lost and dirty when she showed up at the house. The woman that has been cleaning Miranda’s house for years walked by the bathroom to see this and smiled to Miranda. Later said to Miranda’s “that is love” and hugged her.

This is the truth. If your significant other isn’t willing to treat your family like their family. If they aren’t willing or wanting to step up to help without being asked, don’t marry them. They are not ready for marriage and long term partnership. If you’re not ready for this deep of love, don’t get married. Sure date, wear protection because you don’t want to have a baby with any woman or man that isn’t ready for that type of love. Because things will get real.  You can still have attraction, great sex and a real life relationship.  It takes searching and seeking the best in each other and being there no matter what.  It takes seeing them for their good and their heart.

If you’re not there, there are things you can do to reach this deep kind of love and not focus on the surface.  This is this week’s Love Lesson, 3 ways to fall in love with anyone no matter what they look like.  Click here to watch this week’s Love Lesson.

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Love Lessons Episode 7 - 3 Ways to fall in love with anyone no matter what they look like

LoveBlog - As the light rises, so does the shadow


Have you ever been on a cleanse? Cleanses are a nice way for the body to get rid of toxins. Often times, the toxins come to the surface and manifest in different ways; headaches, moodiness, acne, nausea, so on and so on. The toxins could be the good we eat and/or emotions. If we keep up with the cleanse, keep drinking plenty of fluids, I also find prayer and meditation to help gain strength and clarity, we will make it through with our body, mind and spirit clear and healthy. There are many different types of cleanses; just eating clean and drinking water will cleanse the body. There are extreme cleanses, mind cleanses and everything in between cleanses. I use this example because our world is shifting and moving into a higher vibration. We can tell by feeling but also by watching. Over the past year especially, we have had so much violence. Which are our shadow selves coming to the surface. Our toxins if you will. There are also a lot more people wanting to become peaceful and loving, our light side. We need the shadow self to come to the surface so we can recognize, grow, heal and let go. As this shift occurs to the light, there will be those that feel left behind and fearful. They will and have acted out. People are fearful currently because of the new president elect and the future of the USA. I for one want to give him a chance. Not to say I voted for him, but he was elected. Let's see. There are people I trust, that are good, loving people that say give him a chance. Regardless of if you do or not, if you're reading this, know you always have a choice; will you choose love or fear? Will you choose light or the shadow? It resides in us all. Remember, as the light rises, so does the shadow. As you become a brighter light, those around you may feel left behind, be gentle with them. Which brings us to this week's love tip; you have both light and a shadow side inside you. It's your choice which one comes to the surface. Honor them both. 

Choose light but also allow the shadow self to come to the surface to be healed and transmuted to love and light. 
I have some ways in which you can continue to be the light. 
First off. Protect yourself energetically. You can use these at any time. Especially helpful when encountering those with a deep shadow. Ways to protect yourself; ask God to protect you and keep you safe. 
Hold your hand over your stomach. Imagine a cocoon of golden light being wrapped around you. 

Here are some ways to continue raising your vibration. (As you raise your vibration, you help to raise the vibration of the world.)

  • Meditation and prayer
  • Walking in nature
  • Growing something
  • Digging in the dirt
  • Respecting the earth. 
  • Being around and learning from children and animals. Children and animals are the closest to god and they are light filled beings. They can teach us a lot about love and life. They can teach us to play, forgive, let go, have joy, have an open mind and so much more. Allow them to. 
  • Volunteer. Get out and help others. 
  • Hugs. The benefits of a hug; Did you know that hugs release oxytocin and serotonin which can boost the immune system, combat feelings of depression, anger and loneliness. It is extremely effective at elevating the levels of happiness.  Hugs relax our muscles, increase the circulation of blood flow, and allows the central nervous system to take over from ‘fight or flight.’ All of this, and it doesn’t take that much time to give/receive a hug.  It has been said, that we need four hugs a day to survive, eight for maintenance and twelve to thrive.  
  • Use white light. To do this, first ground yourself. Then imagine a white light above you; could be a candle, a lighthouse, a star or anything else that shines. See the light being poured over you and move through your whole body. See the light fill up your body. Do this whenever, wherever. Take it up a notch and see those you love and care for filled with light. See those whom are challenging you filled with light. See situations and places filled with light. 
  • A way I have found to make situations peaceful and to help forgive is to send people blessings or love or light. For example: Let us say someone cut you off while driving, after you're done cursing at them, send them a blessing, love and/or light. Ask and say thank you for protection. I have found more often than not, this works. Even for people that don't believe in any of this, there's a shift and a change. 
  • Being active and/or yoga.  If you would like to practice the physical form of yoga here's the Dharma Yoga Schedule Dharma is my yoga home, where I teach and practice. 


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