LoveBlog - The Rule of Three for your Health, Getting Things Done & Your Love Life.


This post is all about the easy ways to help you with your health, getting things done and helping to bring more love into your life.  First up, the rule of three for fitness.  Then the rule of three for productivity.  Then finally, the rule of three for three areas of anyone's love life; dating, coupled up and self-love.  Bonus: Simple ways to bring more love into your life everyday for the month of March.  

Yoga Offering this week at Dharma Yoga Nantucket, 530pm upstairs at the Hayloft at Bartlett's Farm, I will be guiding a Hatha yoga class with an emphasis on the Heart Chakra.  When this energy point in the body is balanced, all things you love flow to and from you.  Next week will be the Throat Chakra. When this energy point is balanced you are able to speak and write your truth.   

1. For your Health

Want to lose weight?  or Maybe you're looking to be more active?  Whatever your goal, follow this rule and you'll easily see your health transform.  Either walk or run three miles everyday or work out for 30 minutes.  If you don't have time for either, do a combination of both.  Get up and walk about three times through out the day for at least 10 minutes as well as do quick little workouts for five minutes three times through out the day.  Easy enough to walk first thing in the morning, then at lunch time and then in the evening for 10 minutes each.  Then when you need a break from work or while you're watching tv or brushing your teeth do some exercises; squats, lunges, chair dips etc.  

2. For Productivity

Recently I came across an email where they said you can get 1000 items off your to do list by completing three items everyday.  Somedays, it may be less and others it may be more.  But strive to complete three items everyday off of your tasks.  A few of my clients started this as well as a friend or two.  They saw a change in their lives in just one week.  They felt more productive and it wasn't daunting.   

3. For Love

A. Dating - If you're in the dating world I have a very simple rule; don't sleep with someone until after three months.  This may seem like a long time but if you're looking to be with someone for the long haul this can help weed out those that only want you for one thing as well as someone you may not like if you didn't sleep with them.  It's so very easy to feel more connected to someone we've slept with but what if you didn't sleep with them?  Would you have felt so connected to them?  Would they have made it as far as they did?  This gives both people the time to see if this is a relationship of substance.  Now I understand if you can't wait or don't want to wait.  Give yourself three weeks.  And if you can't do that, I'll have some more dating rules to help you soon.  Join the LoveLetter to stay up-to-date. 

B. Coupled up - Do something or say something nice (from your heart) to your partner once a day for three weeks.  Sounds simple enough and maybe you think you already do do this.  Change it up.  Add to it.  You do not need to let your partner know you're doing this.  In fact, it's best if you don't let them know.  Just let the love flow and not be forced.  Some days you may have to dig deep but there's always something that you can find that you love about your partner or something you can do for them that would make them feel good.  Just observe and see how your partner treats you after all of this.  

C. Self-Love - The best love of all!  Take at least three minutes of everyday for self care; Rub your neck/shoulders or feet for one minute.  Then meditate for one minute.  (Sit up straight.  Inhale through your nose for four counts.  Hold the breath for four counts and then exhale slowly through the nose for six counts.  Practice for one minute.) Then take a minute and write down all of the ways you love yourself or what you love about yourself.  Write down your strengths and the good things you do.  There's always something that you're lovable for.   

Which brings me to today's love tip:  Everyone is lovable and Love Able

Here's a challenge for you for the month of March.  Let this month be a month of Love.  Bring more love into your life everyday.  Here is a list of the days and an item to complete for that day.  Do as you like with the prompt.  For example: on day 26th the prompt is to fall in love at first glance.  Maybe this is with a person or maybe it's with a flower or a sunset.  Take a photo and follow others @DorothyDStover and use the hashtag #MoreLoveMarch.  Looking forward to all the love shared!


Peace, Love & Hugs! 


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