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"Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees." -Victor Hugo


Ive never been a devoted Catholic.  I went to a Catholic private school when I was young, but I was constantly in trouble.  So much of what I personally believed about the church was debunked by my teachers.  They would tell me I was wrong.  I still don’t believe a lot of what the church tells us to believe in, but that doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to going to church or even talking about God. This is the beautiful part of life: to have free will and free thought.  I do enjoy learning about the beliefs of almost every religion. 

I grew up with Catholic Voodoo, as my mother called it.  Hang your rosary outside if you don’t want it to rain.  Make the sign of the cross if you have a bad dream.  There are St. Joseph cards in my luggage so my bags don’t get lost, and I always carry one in my wallet.  I have found over the years that when I don’t have a St. Joseph card in my wallet or in my bags, they get lost.  Through a longer story than what I can share now, I have found the Catholic Voodoo to work.  It could be in my head, but I’m not taking a chance.  I’ve seen it work for myself and too many others to not put some weight into it. Because I am all about love, there just happens to be a saint for love - St Anne.    “St Anne, St Anne, send me a man as fast as you can.”  Catchy right!?!  St. Anne can help bring more love into your life. I have heard many swear by these prayers that they found their significant other shortly afterwards. Really, we could all use more love. Even if you’re in a relationship you can say the novena.  (Say certain prayers over 9 days)  I thought we could do it together.  I have found the collective conscience to be powerful for people and for healing. If you’re up for it, join the LoveLetter, then set your intention for the nine days.  I’ll send the prayer for the day to you around 5am over the course of the nine days. (I’m an early riser and say my prayers and intentions first thing in the am.)  If you’re not into it, don’t do it.  Simple as that. 

Examples of intentions;

  1. Live your life for love
  2. Having the right romantic partner for the highest good of all
  3. A strong, loving marriage
  4. Heal yourself so that you are open to love
  5. Allow love to flow to and from you
  6. For peace and love within the world

The intentions are endless.  Sit, think, pray, or meditate on what your personal intention will be for the nine days.

If you’re interested in being a part of this love circle and you’re not already a part of the LoveLetter, join here, or text LoveBlog to 444-999.  Those that have already joined the LoveLetter will receive these emails automatically.  The prayers will begin on St Anne’s feast day, Wednesday July 26th 2017.  Each day you’ll receive the prayer. Let’s bring more love into the world together!

Dorothy wears many hats.  She’s an author, blogger, guides yoga at Dharma Yoga Nantucket and is a Matchmaker for Tawkify.  Years ago she decided that everything she would do in life, she would do for love.  

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Peace, Love & Hugs! Dorothy