LoveBlog- My Monday routine that keeps me feeling great & starts my week off right.


Self-care can be lacking in all our lives, yet it's so important. We all know we need to make it a priority but how do we find the time? As Sara Divello says, "Find time, make time."  I do my darnedest to make and find the time for self-care. Especially on Mondays. I want to begin my week right because Monday can set the tone for the whole week.  I found, that with this Monday routine I look forward to Mondays. In fact, I can't wait for Monday's! Here is a perfect Monday for me. I do find times can change as well as order. Maybe I practice yoga at 530am or 6pm, instead of going to a class. Or maybe I shower in the morning or during lunch time stead of at night. I change things up according to my present day. 


430-530. I wake up somewhere in here and clear my chakras and meditate while in bed, snuggling with the animals.

I'm usually out of bed by 7, just depends on how snugglely my animals are. I may stay in bed and write if they haven't woken up yet.

7-720am. Walk dog

7:20-7:35. I begin my oil pull. See ACKtive Life blog on oil pulling. I personally just use coconut oil but this oil pull sounds amazing.   As I do the oil pull, I boil water for tea and neti pot, start making my lunch and breakfast as well as feed the animals.

7:35-740. Scrap touge, floss and brush teeth.

7:40-7:50. I drink my tea and Listen to something inspirational and do the neti and nasya oil. The neti pot is great for feeling alert, being able to breath fully as well as keeps colds away. I love the nasya oil helps to keep the nasal passageway moist and it's great for body awareness. For inspiration,  I have been loving You Wealth Revolution and/or Kari Samuels meditations.

750-8am. Pack up water, tea, breakfast, snacks and lunch. Get ready for the day. (I lay out my clothes and pack what I need before I go to bed the night before.)

8-10. Yoga. I love going to Sheri Pearlman's Monday 830 morning restorative class at Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs in the hayloft at Bartlett's Farms. 

10-5. Work/writing. I eat while I work and write.

5:00pm. Big walk with the dog

5:45pm. Dinner, I love salads with protein

6:00pm. Scrub my body and cleanse my aura with coconut oil and salt.  I find my mood is lifted and those around me tend to end up being gentle and pleasant to be around. I also give myself a mini-facial, prep my hands and feet for pedicure and manicure.

620pm. Shower

6:30. Blow dry hair and lay out clothes and pack bag for next day

7:00pm. Nantucket Toastmasters at Handlebar Cafe. 

830. Paint nails and toes. 

While nails are drying, I climb into bed and read.

Lights out by 9pm. White light healing. More info on white light healings, click HERE.


I'm an entrepreneur, writer and yogini so my life is fairly flexible. I understand that not everyone will have time to do all that I am able to do in one day in regard to self care. Or even be willing to eat meals while working. I don't eat fast but I do work while I eat. And as for dinner, I eat in silence. If I had to choose only one thing that I do for self-care it would be meditation. After that, my salt scrub and shower. I feel like a brand new person after this. The next most Important would be the white light healing.

I would love to know what do you do for self-care? Do you think you could adopt any part of my routine? Maybe you can share something special you need to make you feel good? Please share below.

Which brings us to today's love tip, Self-care is love of self. Give yourself permission to love yourself. 

Yoga offerings this week.

This Wednesday, the chakra we will focus on will be the seventh chakra, the crown chakra. This chakra connects your body to your higher self. When this energy point is in balance you'll feel one with your life and one with the world and at peace.

Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs in the hayloft at Bartlett's Farm. Yoga Offerings this week. Click here to book your spot

Monday's. Restorative with Sheri. 830am. All Levels with Ted. 530pm
Tuesday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann
Wednesday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. Hatha 530pm with me.
Thursday's. Dharma Yoga 830am and 530pm with Joann. The night class canceled for this week. 
Friday's. Hatha 830am with Sheri. This Friday, I will be subbing for Sheri. Candlelight restorative 530pm with Ted and Joann.
Saturday's. All levels. 415pm with Joann.
Sunday's. All levels 830am and gentle 1015am with Joann. 


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Peace, Love & Hugs!