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This past Sunday I wrote a post about the TNP Ideafilms film coming to The Nantucket Film Festival on Friday the 23rd of June. When I watched this movie it really struck a cord within me. Today's Love Tip is inspired by the movie. We as a society believe loves means the warm and fuzzy feelings. That nothing bad can happen. That a fight is a bad sign in a relationship. Truth is, the deepest of love there is strife. There is hardship. The deepest of lovers help and support each other so that they can do the good in the world. The deepest of love is doing the good in the world together. I hope to see you at the Illumination screening. If you know you want to see it, grab your ticket before they are sold out clicK HERE. Make sure to put my name, Dorothy Stover in the 'Friend of ' box. And if you want to learn more about this film And  read the full post,

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Peace, Love & Hugs!