LoveBlog - You are a badass love ninja


Make no mistake about it, you are one badass love nijna! Your higher self is proof of this. Whenever you feel at peace...whenever you're walking down the street, listening to birds chirp and your heart is so happy it wants to burst at the seams...whenever you're with your favorite people and all you can think about is how happy you are...these amazing and beautiful life moments are your badass higher self reminding you of how lovable you are, and how wonderful life truly is. Your love ninja self just wants to go around giving hugs to everyone- man does that $hit feel great- and you want others to feel just as good! Your badass love ninja self kicks fear's butt and brings love to all those around you. Effortlessly!

But how does one find their badass love ninja self? Especially in this crazy world full of fearful people and our fearful selves? Slow down, that's how. Breathe as slowly and as deliberately as possible. Appreciate the body you have. Take care of yourself, even if that means feeling selfish for practicing self care. Make sure you care for yourself so you can care for others. You are a badass love ninja, when people are around you they can't help but feel love. The most evil of beings become docile creatures in your presence. You are an example of how great love can be and feel. It comes down to you. It doesn't matter about your relationship status or financial status, or skill level or your past. Your higher self doesn't care about trivial matters such as those. All that matters is that you are who you are, and your higher self sees you as just a being of love; a badass love ninja.
Here are some tips to help you get to know your badass love ninja higher self:

Activate the 7th Chakra, also known as the crown chakra. This chakra is the highest chakra or energy point within your physical body. This chakra rules your higher self connecting your body and the spirit together. Think of it as the bridge between the physical world and the spiritual world. Your higher self is focused on love for the best and highest good of all. 

Here are ways to strengthen your 7th chakra
Meditation. 10 minutes a day can lead you not only to a happier life but also to your higher self.  You can do a visualization meditation. There are plenty on the web and are great for beginners. Or you can sit in silence observing your inhalation and exhalation through your nose. A good rule in a inhalation of a count of four and then hold the breath for four counts and then exhale through the nose for six counts. 
Yoga - yoga moves energy through the body and also helps to prepare the body for meditation. On Wednesday night of this week, I will be guiding a Hatha yoga class where will we will focus on activating the 7th chakra. 5:30pm with Dharma Yoga Nantucket upstairs in the Hayloft at Bartlett's Farm. 
Acceptance of others and yourself. Send love to yourself and others, especially when you don't feel like being a loving person.
Wear purple. Sounds strange, I know, but purple is the color of higher consciousness. It's the color of creativity. The color of the higher self. Looking at purple or wearing purple reminds your sub-conscience about your higher conscience (aka badass love ninja).

Love tip - you weren't born to be an evil hate ninja who feeds off of fear. You were born to be a badass love ninja, who kicks fear's butt and spreads love wherever you go!

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Peace, Love and Hugs,