LoveBlog - Love Is A Choice

My great grandfather Murphy said "Love is a choice. Everyday you wake up and choose love". I like to think I am carrying his words on. I like to think I choose love everyday. I don't always. He was talking about marriage and making that choice of love in your marriage and that it needs to be made everyday. I have extended that to make the love choice everyday in every eay, not just romantic love. It's not always easy but when I do connect with my heart, I'm happier. I see for my clients that when they come from this space, they too are happier. 

Do you think you could make the love choice or at least strive to? When you're at the grocery store and someone takes your spot, will you choose love?  When someone posts something on social media and it offends you, will you choose love?  When someone you love doesn't love you the way you want to be loved, will you choose love?

There are lots of examples, challenging examples of choosing love. It's not always the easiest choice to make but it's the one that leads to a better world and a happier self.

It's also ok if you're like me and sometimes you stumble, yell and choose fear. We are human. I keep reminding myself after I stumble to realign myself with who I really am in my heart, mind and body...and that is love. And so are you. You are love. To view today's Love Lesson Video please click below. 

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Today's Love Lesson Video 

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