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These past few years in the USA have been draining to say the least. We were voting in our 45th president. I wanted to wait for after the elections to write this week's LoveBlog.  I also needed some time to process. I didn't know which path our country would be taking; would we choose him or her? Now, the election is over and some are rejoicing and others are fearful of the future. In some ways, we have been here before and in other ways, we have not. With each election, we have always had uncertainty about our of future and only time will tell where the chips may fall. I like to think that the people for the people build America, so with that being said, each person has a duty to this country to serve. I hope they choose love. I hope you choose love. I hope everyday you wake up and make that choice. Make the choice to be the best you can be and help others be the best they can be. I hope that you are a positive influence to those around you. Because when you are a beacon of light, you inspire others to shine as well. If we all shine, the world is a brighter place. I know it’s a challenge, please do not be fearful of the future, you do not know what's in store.  I will say, we do still live in a democracy.  Meaning, there are checks and balances that have been put in place so that one person does not hold the power.  I believe in community and making changes on a community level and then making changes on a state level.  If you have unease for the state of the union, may I suggest you contribute to your community and your state.  That’s where you’ll see change and progress.  When it comes down to it, the only thing you can control is you and getting out there for every kind of election, and getting out there in every way to share your voice. How bright will you shine?  What choices will you make? This all begins within, not outside of ones self. Love can begin a ripple effect outwards reaching those around you, then your community, your state, your country and then the world. We have seen happy and joyful times in the world, enough to know that we should always count our blessings and be grateful because life changes quickly. Don't stop because of a success or setback. Always choose love if it's available to you and with enough time and self-reflection, it usually is. 

Here are five ways to choose love;

  • Self care. Taking care of you, treating yourself well is important. Not only because you'll feel good but also it teaches others how to care as well. Love by example. Which is our love tip this week; To spread love in the world you must love by example. 

  • Care for others. Something as simple as a smile can make someone's day. Help someone. Be of service. 

  • Walk in nature. This will reset your energy. 
  • Meditate. I'm a big, huge fan of meditation. I think there's a misconception about meditation that turns people off. The belief one must sit in silence for hours on end. I do a lot of guided meditations. At the end of my yoga classes I guide a meditation that helps you raise your vibration to love and reach a state of peace. Every Tuesday at Family and children's services there is free meditation from 4-4:45pm. This week, I'm also one of the speakers for the Well Balance Women event. Incredible event to help anyone on Nantucket bring more balance to all areas of their life. I'll be guiding a heart centered meditation to help you raise your vibration to love and live a heart centered life. Other topics of conversation will be; herbs for more vitality, the secret to more energy, the power of many, and words that work. This event in my opinion couldn't have better timing. I believe there are a few tickets left on their website HERE.
  • Yoga in all forms; you don't have to be moving to practice yoga. Yoga is the art of letting go. If you would like to practice the physical form of yoga here's the Dharma Yoga Schedule Dharma is my yoga home, where I teach and practice. 

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Peace, Love and Hugs,


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