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I  was having a conversation with someone I love deeply yesterday (Monday the 15th of July). We were talking about life, love and the spirit. She said she has lived the life of a very rich white woman and there are certainly privileges she has experienced but it's an empty life. She said, "Money and social status are not true privileges. True privileges are loving someone and being loved by someone. It's a privilege to be of service to others. It's a privilege to be a friend."
I was floored by the power and truth of her words. I said to her, "why are you not saying this to other people? Shouting it from the rooftops. Other people need to hear this."
She said she couldn't do it because of who she is. 

Because I don't hold myself to a expectation and my standard is to bring more love into the world, I thought I would share her words with you. Allow you to think, pray, meditate on them. Allowing you to remember that you have everything you need and then some. That the greatest privileges in this life is not money or being famous but to love, be loved, be a friend and be of service. These are true privileges.
This week's action is the moment you feel yourself feeling down or life is too nutty or you don't feel you have enough, take a moment and remember that you are of privilege if you love someone, are loved by someone, have a friend and you're of service to others in anyway you can be of service. 
Please let me know how this goes...and if you have any other helpful tips or words of wisdom, I would love to hear them.

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Sending love your way!

Dorothy D Stover | Intuitive Councilor & Love Coach