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There's more than one way to love and be loved. Tapping into the energy of the month of March I can feel the magic. I can feel the choices people will have to make. I can also feel the distractions and the darkness that this month may bring. But this doesn't mean love won't win. What this month of March brings is the opportunities to love more no matter the odds.  

This month I would like to present an opportunity for you to love more.  There's no wrong way to love or be loved.  I give you  More Love in March challenge!  Woop!  Woop!   Take each prompt on each day and do what you like with it.  This morning, I wrote a love letter to someone I love with my whole being.  As I wrote the letter my heart began to swell with love.  It felt wonderful!  I want the same for you.  The prompts for each day do not have to be romantic in nature.  They do not need to be towards anyone else.  In fact, the more you love yourself, the more you send love to yourself each day, the more love you will receive.  

Let me share with you something I learned while at yoga camp aka yoga teacher training at Rishinkesh Yog Peeth in India.

A group of scientists set off on an experiment.  They wanted to see if prayer could effect something. So they set off to the mountains where a group of monks lived. The scientists took dirty, dingy water and looked at it under a microscope as well as tested the water and found that it was undrinkable.  They then placed the water in containers and had the monks pray over the water for a period of time.  The water was then tested and looked under a microscope once again.  What they found was remarkable.  The consitency of the water changed.  Not only did the water change under the microscope to these beautiful crystals they had never seen before but the water also became drinkable.  We ourselves are made up of mostly water.  What we tell ourselves, we become.  What we say of others, they become.  Our words and thoughts are more powerful than we know.  Choose to send love to yourself and others daily.  Even those that are mean, hurtful or do you wrong.  Choose love.  Follow the prompts and see how magical March can be for you!

This Week's Love Tip: Don't Worry about how to give or receive love, just let the love flow to wherever and however it may go.


This week's yoga offering at Dharma Yoga Nantucket up in the Hayloft at Bartlett's Farm, 530pm will have an emphasis on the throat chakra.  When this chakra is balanced, one is able to speak their truth.  If there's a blockage within this chakra, energy point, you may find you have issues with your mouth or throat.  Sore throat?  Most likely an energetic blockage.  Next week, we will focus on the third eye which is your intuition.   

Also, for the month of March, Dharma Yoga Nantuket and Nantucket Historic Association are teaming up again to bring you some yoga magic.  Each Saturday for the months of March and April, there will be a yoga class taking place at Greater Light.  This incredible historic spot is filled with character, stories and has a beautiful healing light.  Feel peaceful each Saturday.  For more information and to book your spot, click HERE

Saturday, March 5: Sheri Perelman

Saturday, March 12: Dorothy Stover

Saturday, March 19: Sheri Perelman

Saturday, March 26: Joann Burnham

Saturday, April 2: Sheri Perelman

Saturday, April 9: Joann Burnham

Saturday, April 16: Dorothy Stover

Saturday, April 23: Ted Burnham

Saturday, April 30: Joann Burnham

Peace, Love & Hugs!


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