LoveBlog - I'm Training To Be a Jedi Knight



This past Christmas, my family and I rewatched all of the Star Wars movies, and then ventured out to see the new one, The Force Awakens.  Rewatching these films at this point in my life, to compared to when I first saw each film, I picked up on so much more and connected to these movies in a way I had not before.  Sure, I've loved the Star Wars series since I was a little girl.  I remember playing with the Jabba The Hut figurine with my Barbie’s.  I remember playing with his smoking stand.  It was so small and detailed, how could a kid not love it!  I remember rolling the Jabba accessory in my hands and putting these in my doll house.


Now that I am older, I see that anyone could be a Jedi Knight.  There are so many similarities between real life and the movie.  I decided I would begin my training as a Jedi.  So I’m not a youngling, but I think the Force is strong with me and the Force is calling to me!  Here’s my Jedi training plan.  I’ve already begun, and of course I'll share my Jedi training as I go along.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to train right along with me!


-Yoga & Mediation: Flexibility of the mind leads to flexibility of the body.  I already have a daily mediation practice and I would like to continue going deeper into meditations.  As of now, I have a regular yoga practice but to gain what I am looking to gain, I need to have a daily yoga practice. What am I looking to gain?  More flexibility in my mind and body.Yoga and mediation are an ongoing education.  It doesn’t matter one’s skill level, there’s always something new to discover and learn. 


-Martial arts and workouts: Jedi Knights are peace keepers and they fight for the light.  I plan on doing the same…In my own way.  I doubt I’ll be in a physical fight, but workouts help to move energy through the body as well as gain confidence in one’s self.  My workouts will include SheRocks Fitness workouts, along with box jumps because the Jedi are able to soar through the air. I have a stand up heavy bag in my home gym that I will be able to use to kickbox and practice lightsaber fighting here.  Workouts will help me gain strength within my body and mind. 


-Non-attachment:  Things weigh you down and a Jedi needs to be able to move about freely and easily.  One never knows when you’ll need to escape the Empire and do it fast. Clearing and cleaning up the clutter in my life.  I have begun with my closet.  This will be next week’s post on how I went from having a closet full of over 500 items; clothing, shoes, bags etc and now I am down to less than 100 items. Then,I’ll cleanand go through everything in my life;my emails, computers, websites etc. All the while, I will be working on non-attachment of emotions while still giving a $hit about the world…that could take awhile.


-Eating simply and no stimulants: a Jedi doesn’t need much.  A Jedi eats to fuel their body.  They know that the Force is everything.  So one must eat and drink foods that are of the Light Side, not Dark.  I won’t be consuming stimulants.  This portion shouldn’t be too hard for me as I don’t do drugs, I’m not a drinker anymore and I don’t drink coffee.  The tough part for me is staying away from chocolate…I’ll need some willpower for this!


-Knowledge Seeker: Jedi Knights are wise and knowledgeable.  Their education never stops.  I will continue education in all areas;history, literature, visual arts, science, music, philosophy, religion and current events.


Check back Tuesdays for updates on my Jedi Knight Training!


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Peace, Love & Hugs!



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