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Whatever popped into your head when you read "it's time to let go of" that's what you need to let go of. Simple and clear cut. Maybe it's certain thoughts you have towards yourself or others. Maybe it's a relationship or a friendship. Maybe it's a job or a situation. Maybe it's time to lose weight or let go of the idea having that there's such a thing as a perfect body. Let it go. It's time. 

Whatever you let go of, this is making making room for something for your highest good and the highest good of all. Embrace the changes that are here and are coming. Change is a constant. And I have learned if you are not in the front of change, the change happens whether you're ready or not. It's forced upon you. We just had a major full moon and in a few weeks this brings a major solar eclipse. Both are singling change. The full moon is the perfect time to let go. The new moon is a beautiful time to plant intentions. Both usher in beginnings and endings. For something to begin, you must end something else and endings are really are just beginnings. Both are challenging, exciting and allow us to stay on our way. Little or sometimes big taps on the shoulder from the universe moving us along so that we follow the path we need to complete whatever we need to achieve in this life time. Embracing change doesn't mean you won't feel lost, lonely or stressed.


When I'm feeling lost or I am having trouble with an ending or a beginning I do any of the following.

Freak out - because $hit just got real and it's ok to freak out. I try not to freak out for too long.

Remind myself everything happens for a reason. I can say this with faith because I've gone through some low times and made it out better than ever. I know I can make it through everything.


Remind myself that things don't happen the way I want them to all the time but it always is what I need or needed. And eventually does become what I want.


Find my happy list. I have a list of things that make me happy and make me feel love. The items on my list include red dresses, red lipstick to spending time with friends and family.


Meditate. I love a good meditation session. Gets me right again. I do a guided chakra clearing meditation when I really can't focus or think. Otherwise, I try to meditate and clear my chakra everyday.


Take a nap. For me, my dreams can be the key and where I gain answers. I often will ask for answers that I need before I take a nap or go to sleep at night. In my dreams, I don't have an ego. In my waking life I have an ego, we all do. This is human to have. When we allow our spirit self or our higher self to be involved we receive the answers we need without judgement of how it's going to happen to with whom it's going to happen with.


I pray. I pray all day. I chant om in my head all day. I pray to God. I ask for guidance. I do any number of things to connect with a higher source. Helps tremendously. If you're someone that doesn't believe in a higher source or someone curious, I suggest reading the book by Science Mike, Finding God in the waves. He goes into the science behind the brain and God. Cool stuff and a good read. Here's a video for you to sink your eyes and mind into


I write down my options or what I am looking forward to. This reminds me I have a choice and sometimes I have multiple choices. Sometimes really amazing awesome choices I can't wait to get started on. Here's a way to figure out your choices using Elkhart Tolle the power of now; you can either change, leave or accept a situation.

From there, you can work out the paths each one will take you down. Whichever path feels good to you, take.


I would just like to remind myself and everyone that it's ok to change or to grow or to decide to become something else. Look at Netflix. They started off as a DVD delivery rental, now most of us can't be without our Netflix and chill. They knew they had to change their company. We all have to change.

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