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We all need to hold ourselves accountable but it's a challenge he to say the least to stick to something. We can easily fall back into old habits and comfortability.

I have an accountability partner for almost everything I do. In fact, sometimes I have multiple. Take health and wellness. I need a partner to workout with. I wake up early but that doesn't mean I want to get out of my nice warm bed with my fuzzy man. I don't! I'm happy there. But I always feel better working out and I always feel like my best self doing it early in the morning. One of my sister's is currently one of my accountability partners for fitness. We work out every weekday at 5am. The night before we confirm with each other that we are working out and then in the morning we show up because there's someone else that is waiting and depending on us. Plus, we already made the verbal commitment. Almost every morning I don't want to get out of bed but I do. And she's the same way. We need to hold each other accountable.

Today's love lesson is having an accountability partner for love. It works best if you hold each other accountable in a loving way.

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 Love Lesson Ep 10 Have an accountability partner