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As a matchmaker, and a love and dating coach I hear people's complaints about the dating world on a daily basis.  It's rough out there. But the truth is, it has always been. Dating is always changing and evolving and has been since the dawn of time. How does one have a great date no matter what? Change your perspective. Ask yourself these questions while on the date:

1. Who is this person? Don't look at them as if you're going to be in a relationship with them long term. Consider them a person who has a story. Get to know that story. You can fall in love with anyone if you know their story, and it truly resonates with you. But, I'm not asking you to fall in love. I'm asking you to look at them in a different way.
After the date ask yourself this question:
2. What can I learn from this experience? You can learn something from everything and everyone. We are on this planet to experience people, places, and things, and to grow and learn. Every moment is an opportunity to do so. Dating is a huge way to grow and learn. In fact, it is sometimes the terrible dates that can teach us the most. (Like what I DON’T want!)
And here's a bonus tip: no matter how the dates goes, be polite. Be a lady. Be a gentleman. Treat them with respect even if they don't show you respect. Why? 1. Because you never know where something may go. This person is leading you to your soul’s romantic partner in one way, shape, or form. Treat them with respect. 2.  It strengthens your heart muscle. You'll have automatic responses the stronger this muscle is. 

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Love Lessons Ep 11 How To Have A Great Date No Matter What