LoveBlog - The Five Free Things That Are Bringing More Love Into My Life that you can have as well.


My granny when I would ask how she was she would say, "oh good days and bad days." This is us all really. We all have good days and bad days. So when we feel the good days, we should cherish them and make note what was so good about it. Here are five things that have made my days better, I hope they do for you as well. 

1. Walking. I have always loved to walk. And sometimes I forget how much I love it. Lately I have been walking more and more. It not only does wonders for my brain but also my body. Years ago I lost 20 pounds and it was because I upped my walks to daily and the distance I would travel. On Nantucket, we have a great view no matter where we walk to. I've lived in places where there wasn't as an aesthetically pleasing view but I still walked and would play music so my ears and soul had something beautiful to experience.

2. This video on how life is not a journey, it's a dance. We aren't waiting for something to happen, it's already happening.

3. This quote, "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

My take from this is, we get ourselves stressed out over nothing. Everything happens in its own time. That doesn't mean we don't work. It doesn't mean we don't try. It doesn't mean we don't work towards a goal. Just know, things will happen in their own time. 

Which brings us to today's Love Tip. The heart doesn't understand time by numbers. The heart understands time by feeling, by memories and moments. Allow your heart to keep your timeline for you. 

4. Tea time. Or coffee. Or smoothie. Or wine. I personally love tea all year long and I'm a big fan of afternoon tea. It makes my heart sing to sit down with a friend and enjoy a nice cup of something with warm conversation. We both feel better afterwards. Go enjoy a cup of something with someone you care for. 

5. Yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation can come at a price but there are also free resources as well as free community classes all over the world. On Nantucket, Family and Children's Services has free yoga on Mondays and free meditation on Tuesdays 4pm. (I guide a meditation every four weeks here.) There are other community classes as well. If not, there are apps, websites and YouTube channels that offer free yoga and meditation. 

If you would like to go to a class on Nantucket, here's the upcoming Dharma Yoga Nantucket schedule. 


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  • Thursdays - 5:30-6:45pm - Dharma Yoga all levels - Joann
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