LoveBlog - Worry is a waste. Faith is fierce


I’m almost certain every human on this planet worries.Have you ever worried yourself sick?Have you ever worried for nothing?Have you ever worried and your greatest worry came true?

It is said, worrying is a waste of imagination.  It is also said, that worry punishes you twice.  I would have to agree.  Your time could be spent elsewhere.  Reality is, when you worry, you’re not there yet.  Worrying is usually about something in the future; How will this play out?  How will I be able to do this? Worrying is the how.  And if worrying is the how, so is faith.

Faith is how you’ll make it through.  Faith is how you’ll be able to do whatever it is you’ll need to do.  Faith is fierce. You don’t need to be religious or spiritual to have faith.  Faith in yourself works!  Faith in the process.  Faith in your strength.  Faith in your intelligence.  Faith in your abilities.

For me, faith plays a part because I have seen and experienced the shadows of life and have to see the light eventually.  I know I can get through anything and thrive...eventually.  Why?  Because I have done it before.  My faith and trust in God has helped me through everything.  Now, you don’t need to believe in God to have faith.  You are strong.  You are capable.  You have abilities you don’t even know are there.  Become still and listen.  The answers will come.  Peace will come.

In the dating world, relationships, marriage, partnerships, worry can be close at hand.  Worrying about staying single.  Worrying about your partner.  Worrying about where a relationship is going. All of this worry is a waste.  Keep the faith.  Cross that bridge when you get to it and know that you have what it takes to get through it thriving.

This week’s Love Lesson Episode is just that!  Love Lessons EP 16 Worry is a waste Faith is fierce

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