LoveBlog: Cleaning out your closet - How I got rid of over 500 items in my closet and I’m now I have 100 Pieces.

Clean the clutter in all areas of your life. Surround yourself with the people the things and the situations that you love or make you feel that beautiful loving feeling. 

Clean the clutter in all areas of your life. Surround yourself with the people the things and the situations that you love or make you feel that beautiful loving feeling. 

This past month, I was traveling and I realized my backpack and small roller bag were both half empty.  I felt light and free.  I could more around with ease.  I was coming back from my week long trip, and I never felt as though I wasn’t prepared or didn’t bring enough with me.  It was a perfect travel moment!  It’s taken years to get to this point and I felt proud of myself for streamlining my travel experience.  As I was powering up the steps carrying my roller, moving past the people on the escalator, I realized I wanted all areas in my life to be this way.  How was I going to do it?  Get rid of as much as I possibly could.  I really didn’t need much.  My mindset had already begun to change while I was in India this past spring.  I didn’t bring much with me to India.  While I was there, I hand washed my clothes almost everyday.  I found I didn’t care the way I once did about how I looked or if I wore the same thing everyday.  This feeling has since migrated over to my normal, everyday life here in the states.


When I got home from this recent trip, I gathered up all my clothes to begin to go through them and cut my wardrobe significantly.  I also decided this would be a part of my Jedi Knight Training.  (Click Here to read about my training.) Here’s how I went from having over 500 items of clothing, bags, and shoes to only 100 pieces.


Steps 1-3 took five hours to complete.  Steps 3-5 took less time because I did a lot of weeding out and I was excited about having less things, so I moved quickly. 


Step 1: Go through all of your clothes, bags, shoes etc for the initial weeding.  Create four sections: Love, Like, Donate and Get Rid Of.  The clothes you absolutely love- when you put these items on you feel beautiful and like yourself- put these items in the love pile.  The like items in the “Like” pile. These items look nice on you and at this time are hard to let go of. The items you can part with that are still nice in the “Donate” pile, and the items that have stains or holes etc. into the “get rid of” pile.  Begin to pack up the donate and get rid of piles into separate bags. 


Step 2: Now we are going to weed out the “Love” & “Like” piles. I've created a list below of the basic pieces you need in your closet. These things are the bare minimum of what you need, and they total just over 50 items.  This means you'll have some wiggle room to add the clothing items that you love or like, and to adjust your closet to fit your own personal needs.For example, I love dresses and the list below contains 8 dresses.  My old closet contained over 70 dresses and now I’m down to 14 dresses.  I was able to add on some of my favorite dresses.  I don’t want to you feel as though you don’t have anything to wear!  Just put together your basic wardrobe and we will figure out the rest in the steps that follow.  As you are going through your wardrobe looking for the basics, you can save time if you pick out items you come across that you can get rid of or donate.  (Here's the PDF you may download to help you while you are going through your closet.)  


Step 3: Now you have your basic wardrobe. Go through each category to weed through again what you like and what you love.  Remember, you don’t need a lot of clothes.  Only keep what you love and what looks best on you.  Make four piles again; love, like, donate and get rid of.  Immediately pack up anything you are going to donate or get rid of. 


Step 4: Try everything on.  It helps to have someone else tell you if something looks good on you or not.  If you don’t feel good in it and/or they don’t think you look good in it, donate this item or get rid of it.  You only want what looks best on you.  In the long run, this will help you time wise.  You won’t have to really think about what you want to wear or trying to find an item to wear.  You’ll only have a few pieces to choose from and each item you'll feel good in. 


Step 5: Move and adjust the number of items in your closet as you see fit with the total number being around 100 items of clothing.  Anything that doesn’t make the cut, put into the donate or get rid of bags.  Put the bags immediately into your car and take them away.  We don’t want you changing your mind about an item.  Let it go!  You have what you want and more than you could need.

Cleaning out the closet thoughts:  There will be multiple moments when you will think that this isn’t worth it and you’ll want to give up.  Especially, in step 2.  Trust me, it is worth it and you can do it!  You’re going to gain peace of mind, more time, feel free and dare I say it, proud of yourself.  You won’t spend as much time cleaning up your clothes, trying to figure out what to wear or feeling as though you need to get your life organized.  Organizing, and life in general for that matter, is easier when you don’t have a lot of things to tie you down.  This is something I personally struggle with.  I always want to be prepared for the ‘what ifs’, plus, I want to look and feel my best. Now I know, I’ll be ok…always. You can do this!  Please let us know how your cleaning goes and how you feel.  If there are any tips you can suggest, please also add this in the comments below to help others…and myself!


Peace, Love & Hugs!


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