LoveBlog - How your beliefs affect your relationships


How are your beliefs playing a part in your relationships? This question comes from a client.

Our beliefs can hurt or help us in relationships. Why? It's a belief. We can make assumptions about who someone is based on their beliefs and we also compare someone else's beliefs to our own. Beliefs may vary from spirituallity, religious, political, social, educational and on and on. We can become attached to our beliefs can't we? We allow the beliefs to define who we are. This can hurt us if we close someone off. If we aren't allowing the person to shine through. This can also hurt if the person has similar beliefs to yourself because you may make assumptions and expectations.

Beliefs can help you for sure! Help you to achieve what you want to achieve. Help you to connect with someone fast.

So beliefs can help or hurt you. I say stay open. Don't be so quick to judge someone on their beliefs. Don't be so quick to stick with a beliefs. Allow the change to occur if need be.

Of you would like more, here's this week's Love Lesson Episode, Love Lessons EP 15 how beliefs affect your relationships

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