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I’ve heard this phrase for the past two months, “Becoming who you are becoming.”  It’s quite beautiful isn’t it?  Yet, we are often scared of becoming who we are becoming, even though most of the time, this is the person we’ve always wanted to be.  This can happen in any relationship; with the self, with a significant other.  Fear of becoming what we’ve always wanted, even though this is what we’ve always wanted.  We humans are strange aren’t we?

 Newness of life is exhilarating and downright scary.  The journey (for lack of a better word) is magical though.  The twists and turns in life are far better than we could have ever imagined them or cook up in our heads...besides George R.R Martin’s thoughts.  He’s on a whole new plane of existence!

Whether you believe in God or not, life is full of surprises.  I personally do believe in God.  I believe God does have a plan.  I believe God’s plan is better than my own.  I also believe God’s time is different than my timeline, as frustrating as it may be.  One beautiful quote I think of often is; "Nature does not hurryyet everything is accomplished." - Lao Tzu

So, as each of us becomes who we are supposed to become, with each step of the way you are who you are supposed to be in this moment.  You are exactly where you need to be to become who you are becoming.  There is no rush.  You will get there.  We will all get there.  In fact, in a way, you are already there.  It’s not necessarily about slowing down as it is about being mindful of the steps.  To be mindful of the steps just means you notice you're taking steps.  It’s so simple, it’s complicated.  

 One way you can begin to be mindful is to begin to be mindful of your body, I teach this in my yoga classes, one way to start is to observe your natural breath.  Just notice the inhalation.  Then notice the exhalation.  As you observe your breath, notice if you are holding onto any tension in the body.  No judgment, just notice.  As you inhale slowly and deeply into the bottom of your belly gather up that tension and let it go on the exhale.  Continue noticing if you’re holding onto tension in the body and let it go on the exhale.  Now, come back to your breath and just notice it.  Begin to notice if you are holding onto any thoughts.  No judgment, just notice.  Inhale deeply and slowly into the bottom of your belly, gather up these thoughts and on the exhale let them go.  Do this as many times as you like.  Come back to observing your natural breath. 

 I’m finishing up my guided 28-day love meditation, which will have more exercises like this pre-recorded for your listening pleasure and then some!  The love meditation is to help bring more love into your life in less than five minutes a day…because lets be honest, five minutes is all we have these days!  If you’re interested in being the first to know when it’s available, join the LoveLetter HERE.  Which is a weekly newsletter to bring more love into your email box…because the world needs more love. Those that are a part of the LoveLetter, when the meditation goes live will receive it for free.  Whoop!  Whoop!

 Which brings us to this week’s Love Tip – Love is an inside job.  It begins within and works it’s way out into the world around you.  


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