LoveBlog - Ask Yourself Why


Would you want to know the most useful question to quickly facilitate growth? It's a single word:  "Why?"

I have lost clients because of me asking them,  "Why_______.?"  They are not ready to answer, or perhaps don't feel supported while someone they barely know is asking them this question. Why? Because it's frustrating. It's illuminating. It's raw, and there's no hiding.

Why are you doing what you're doing?

Why are you with the person you're with?

Why are you breaking up?

Why are you self sabotaging?

Why are you defensive?

Why are you getting a divorce?

Why did you stay so long?

Why did you leave?

Why did you go back?

Why do you think you don't deserve to be loved?

Why do you think you're a bad picker?

Why do you not want to date someone who is XYZ?

Why do you want to date someone who is XYZ?

Why is that important to you?

Asking yourself "why" helps you to dig deeper. If you know why, you have strength. You have a foundation. And for some, it's time to rip that foundation down and build anew. For others, they can build a powerful city on that foundation. No matter. You need to ask yourself why. You need to play the devil's advocate. You need to question yourself, if only to grow and change, or to fortify a belief. Ask yourself, "why?"

Full moon yesterday. Great time to ask yourself "why?" It's the most opportune time to let go of what no longer serves you. Make way for the growth and opportunities that are sometimes disguised as heartbreak, disappointment, and loss. 

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