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Your health should be your number 1 priority.  If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.  This includes your mental, emotional, Spiritual, financial and physical health. Everything is connected.  If you feel good, those around you feel good.  If you feel like crap, are moody or unstable those around you are effected.  So, if you’re mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and physical health are not at a 100% most likely your Love life isn’t either.  Side note. Relationship are not always in harmony all the time. 

Don’t fret, it takes self care; checking in with yourself and doing the work that is needed to make sure you’re in good health.  It means making yourself a priority.  It means being selfish every now and then.  It means saying no when you want to say no and asking for something when you need it.  It means doing what you need to do even when others don’t agree or find it odd.  How many of you want to eat better or work out but have others speaking out against it? I certainly know from experience, I had a mentor say to me years ago, “when are you going to gain weight?”  I had been eating really well, exercising and taking care of myself.  I felt amazing!  But this person was insecure with themselves and most people don’t like others to change.  Change scares people.  And taking care of yourself is very scary to many.  Do it!  No matter what others think of you or say.  Do what you need to do to feel at your best and healthy self.  Let others deal with their insecurities . 

Which brings us to today's Love Lesson, Your Health Effects Your Relationship. Do whatever it takes to take care of health. 

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