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✨Today’s Love Lesson is inspired by a few people recently reaching out to me asking how they can regain their sexual spark. I thought it best to make my answer into a Love Lesson because we all at some point will lose our sexual spark and it’s important to know you can regain it and you’re not alone.

✨First up, you're not the only one to lose your spark and you're not the first and you won't be the last. There are others before you and there will be other after you. You are not alone.

✨So let us jump in. We will first talk about the energy behind the sexual spark and then what you can do to regain your sexual spark.

✨Energetically. Sex, desire, joy, pleasure, your sex organs and creativity. All rule the sacral chakra. So I bet if you've lost your sexual spark, you also don't feel joy on a daily basis or you're not feeling creative.

Things you may do to cleanse, balance and strengthen the sacral charka;

✨Chakra meditation. I have a few for busy people. The one I suggest is the grounding and healing. Do a charka meditation a few times a week working up to everyday. To purchase your own busy people meditations;

✨Next up, get the creative juices flowing. Paint, grab a coloring book and start coloring, play on a playground, write, dance, anything that makes you feel free and creative, is going to strengthen your sacral chakra and bring your sexual spark back.

✨Be sensual. Take a long bath. Express your body without judgement. Self massage. Anything you can do that is slow and you are connecting with your body. Everytime you touch your body, send love to that body part. Send love throughout your entire body.

✨Practice selflove and self-care. I find workouts and yoga to be great for every chakra especially the sacral. You'll feel like yourself because you're moving energy throughout the entire body. Helping to release blockages.

✨If you've given birth or if you’ve had a C-section, then there will be an imbalance in the sacral chakra because this is a traumatic experience to the sacral chakra. So these tips as well as a chakra cleansing, balancing and strengthening meditation is going to help heal this. It will take time though. Sometimes years to heal after giving birth. Keep doing the energetic work such as a chakra cleanse/meditation. To purchase your busy people meditations;

✨I also suggest healing sessions for different modalities; reiki (which you or someone else may do or a reiki share.) Acupuncture is amazing for moving energy because the whole session you’ll focus on removing blockages. Massage is beautiful as well.

✨The stages of love. There are five stages of love. I go into this more in The Love School but for today’s purposes we will talk about the fifth stage of love which is the deeper connection. It’s about creating and doing good things in the world together. It’s about partnership. No more separate vacations (your family/friend weekend is good to go) but it’s going on separate vacations that’s the no no. Go together. Be together. Begin dating each other. Do the little things. Even if they don’t do it for you. Show up for your partner. Do always make sure to care for yourself first and then you can show up for other people. The key to the fifth stage of love is having a common purpose and focus.

✨Here’s today’s Love Lesson Video; Love Lesson Ep 28 Regain Your Sexual Spark

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Peace, Love & Hugs

Dorothy D Stover | Love Coach

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