Loveblog - What is Self-love and why is it important


I have come to understand through working on myself and with clients that self-love means something different to everyone because people’s goals vary. 

Let me share a definition with you, then various self-love meanings I heard from clients and then I’ll share with you why self-love is important. 

First things first. 

Self-love definition by Merriam-Webster. 

  1. an appreciation of one's own worth or virtue

  2. proper regard for and attention to one's own happiness or well-being

Fairly simple right; appreciation of ones self and paying attention to ones happiness or well-being. 

When I read this, I know that self-love is important. It’s a need and it should be engraved into our being, yet so many of us struggle with loving and appreciating ourselves. Why? Personally, I think it’s society and the mainstream that we allow to say what she should or shouldn’t be. What we should look like or act like. Society has been

should-Ing on us for too long. I think most of us are tired of it. Tired of following the pack and not getting anywhere. Tired of not feeling good enough or worthy. 

Some of my clients have put into words what self-love is for them. 

“That I wake up in the morning and I like who I am.”

“That when I look in the mirror I don’t feel afraid of my own reflection. That I’m not afraid to look in the mirror. I see myself with eyes wide open and I like who I see.”

“Self-Love to me is not caring what others think of me. I remind myself that their opinion of me is none of my business. I keep trying to be true to who I am even if that means not a lot of people like me.” 

“Seeking my own validation and not outside validation” 

I don’t know about you but I personally resonate with every single one of these people. For a long time, I struggled with loving myself, mind, body and spirit; Looking in the mirror and not liking who I was. Looking to other people to validate myself. Following society because I thought that’s what is done. Sure, I have always followed my own drummer...I am my mother’s daughter after all. But I also had an idea in my head of who I should be; what I should look like, what makes me lovable, why I am worthy of love. 

After working on myself, healing the roots of my lack of self-appreciation and then helping others regain their sense of self, I have come to see that the root of all the troubles in the world; the heartache, the pain, war, suffering comes from a lack of self-love and love of life. 

That love of life is all life forms. Appreciation for who you are, the life you get to lead, the things you’re able to create and the love that surrounds from the trees to the people. 

I have found that when we focus on caring and loving ourselves, everything is better; relationships, the work you do, the people around you, food even tastes better! When we love and care for ourselves we wake up in the morning grateful and when we look in the mirror we feel love no matter what the scale may say. We realize what’s important is not about the outside but the inside. How do I feel? How can I nourish my mind, body and soul today? How can I show my mind, body and soul I love it? 

Answer these questions daily and self-love with come naturally and effortlessly. Transformational on a daily basis. If this is the one thing you take away from today’s LoveBlog/LoveLetter, then I have done my job. 

I have had a few people ask for more in regards to self-love. I have been mulling over how I could help beyond the LoveBlog, working with clients and The Love School. I have decided to have a monthly membership called The Love Bubble. Each month will have a different theme centered around self-love. For example, this month of June is self-love and the body. Each week a helpful tip and take Action around the theme for the month. Here is June’s breakdown;

Week 1. Freebie. Self-love meditation. Which is Worth $37. It’s not a part of the Busy People Meditations but it should be because it’s under 15 minutes. Helps to ground and clear your energy as well as Guide you through a self-love exercise. 

Week 2. How meditation is the easiest and fastest way to self-love. 

Week 3. The foods to eat that show your body love and make you feel as though you're thriving...hint. Because you will be thriving. 

Week 4. How to move your body in a way to shows your body love and gets you appreciating and loving your body. 

July’s theme is using mercury retrograde for self-love. 

August is self-love and sex. 

September is self-love and self-care

October is self-love and relationships 

And so on, each month a different theme around self-Love. 

Since I am just opening the doors to The Love Bubble, The monthly membership fee is $20 for June. 

As of now, Part of this membership includes a weekly reading raffle where I will post a photo in our private Facebook group and the first three people to comment may pick which deck they would like me to pick a card from; romance, Health, Power, messages from angels, color deck, numerology and loving words from Jesus. 

A heads up, I will be raising the monthly membership fee in July and going forward. If you join in June will have the $20 monthly membership fee for as long as you’re a member. Cancel at anytime. 

If you have any questions, let me know. 

If you have a topic or challenge you would like guidance on, I am here. 

I hope to see you in The Love Bubble 💕

Here is the link to join;

Sending love your way,