Loveblog. Why trapped emotions in your body block you from love, money and health plus what you can do about it


Today’s LoveBlog I’ll share with you what are trapped emotions, where trapped emotions go, why healing trapped emotions will bring all things you love to flow in and out of your life with ease and how to heal trapped emotions.

First off, what are trapped emotions? Trapped emotions are just feel an emotion and then don’t do anything with the emotion after you’ve experienced said emotions. They will become trapped within your body and energy field. Trapped emotions can cause health challenges, block love, healthy relationship with money as well as a basket full of challenges in life. Moral of the story, deal and heal your emotions.

Emotions need to go somewhere. If you're not dealing with your emotions and/or you're not Healing your emotions, they will become trapped in the body. Any where in the body you'll find emotions trapped in the body.

For example, if you have anger you don’t heal or continue to have anger, this emotion ends up in your liver or gal bladder. If you or you know of someone that becomes an angry drinker, this is trapped emotions. Just one example.

Failure, feeling lack of control and low self-esteem end up becoming trapped in the spleen or stomach. Issues digesting food? Gaining weight? Trapped emotions are the causes.

Not feeling supported or you have fear? These emotions become trapped in your bladder and kidneys. You’ll find kidney stones, bladder infections, constantly needing to go to the bathroom or bladder control issues.

Crying, grief and stubbornness become trapped in the lungs or colon. Lung and breathing challenges are more often than not trapped grief.

All trapped emotions can also block all things you love to flow to and from you. Which includes opportunities, happiness, relationships and money from coming into your life.

There are a few ways to release trapped emotions; massage, meditation, white light, chakra healing, tinctures and what I do where I connect with your higher self, use a chart with emotions and ask your higher self which emotions are able to be released. Then I find out why this emotions became trapped. When the emotion is able to be released, I use reiki, mantra prayer and magnetic therapy. I am able to do this from anywhere, at any time. It’s incredible what happens after just one session. Usually need two to eight sessions for a full transformation but you’ll feel it after just one session.

I love releasing emotions for clients. I recently released a client's heart wall and the next day she met a guy. Heart walls begin when we are very little. It’s energetically built to keep us safe. The heart wall has a place and time for when you’re young. As you get older, the heart wall can keep you from romance as well as a healthy bank account, relationship with money, lung challenges or heart challenges.

Another client has a debilitating back pain and after one session it was significantly reduced. After four sessions she was able to workout. Which she hasn't been able to do in years because of the pain.

Full moons are the perfect time to let go and release. The full moon is this Friday and because of this I am offering a full moon healing special. The special is for today through next week only. Typically sessions are $125 per session but with the full moon special each session is $90 (The number 9 is completion and releasing. September is also the 9th month of the year. Such a powerful time!). I also have a four session packages for powerful healing, normally $444 but with the special $320. Which means each session is $80. (8 is a power number and you’ll be feeling powerful and lighter after four sessions)

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