LoveBlog - August 2019 Angel Card Reading


We are finishing up July...has your life transformed in any way? Do you feel different?

If not, don’t worry.

Here is August’s Angel Card Reading. It’s a beautiful month! We deserve it. Link below to watch. It’s a powerful month where everything is lining up.

✨This is a general reading. If you would like your own personal reading, Here's the link to book,

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Also, I have connected with Julia from Higher Playbook. She is a powerful lightworker that helps people take their passion and purpose out into the world. She helps you connect with passion and purpose through energy leadership. There are seven levels of energy. In any given area of our life we can have an energy. Is powerful tool to know because if you're operating at a lower energy you'll probably have challenges. If you're operating at a higher level then you feel opportunities, connection and passion. Her and I were talking about taking what she does and what I do to help people connect with the love energy and make a powerful, transformation healing retreat here on Nantucket. If you have interest in learning more about Higher Love Nantucket Retreat click here;

August 2019 Angel Card Intuitive Reading -Its a powerful month where everything lines up

Sending love your way!

Dorothy D Stover | Love Coach