LoveBlog - Theres Always A Gardener and a Flower in a relationship


I'm ok if you make fun of me for this love lesson! 

All jokes aside, perhaps you feel like you're the gardener in the relationship or maybe you feel like you're the flower. Either way, you don't know how to break out of this pattern or you don't want to. Maybe this will give you permission to do so. If you have a harmonious relationship, sometimes it means having your partner take care of you or you taking taking care of your partner. 

It's important to do and be both at some point in your relationship. Think back to a time when you really needed a friend and they were there for you no questions asked. Think back to a time you were there for someone no questions asked. It feels good. It's important. And that's community. Your partner is just one part of your community. Take care of each other. Tend to each other. Give each other what they need. And of course, don't forget about your needs. 

Here's this week's Love Lesson Episode. Love Lessons Ep 24 Gardener & Flower

Sending love to you today!