40 Days of Love - Day 4 - Nantucket Skin + Giveaway!



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 40 Days of Love – Day 4 – Nantucket Skin + Giveaway


Since I was a little girl, my fingernails have been important to me. I remember my Aunt Donna painting my nails at my grandmother’s kitchen table. I recall how happy I was and how beautiful I felt. I remember gliding down the stairs, just staring at my beautiful, freshly-painted nails. I felt like a princess.

Things have not changed much since I was a little girl. I still feel at my best when I have my nails painted. This act makes me feel put together. I’ve tried many brands over the years and I have a few favorites for sure. About two years ago, I began making changes to which products I use because of chemicals and by happenstance, I discovered Nantucket Skin’s Nail Polish line. It’s free of many of the chemicals you would find in other brands. I am shocked to see what some of these chemicals can do to the body.

Chemicals like these have been linked to hormone imbalances, weight gain and cancers:Formaldehyde, Camphor, DBP, Toulene, Triphenyl Phosphate

Luckily, Nantucket Skin is free of these, plus the nail polish itself is long lasting, foolproof to apply, and comes in beautiful colors. I especially love that each one has a fun Nantucket themed name. My favorites are; Nantucket Bride (A pinky white), Lobster Trap Takeout (a bright coral red), Last Call at The Box (classic red) and Cranberry Festival (a deep red).

I want you to fall in love with this nail polish line as much as I have. Enter to win a gift certificate to Nantucket Skin! Make sure to check out their website, www.NantucketSkin.com. You may purchase their nail polishes as well as their other amazing products. Enjoy!

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Enter to win!  Win a gift certificate to Nantucket Skin.  You'll be able to choose from their amazing selection of Organic, healthy beautiful nail polishes!  Check out Nantucket Skin's Website HERE.  To enter to win, join our mailing list and share this post or comment below by either tagging someone or something you love.

This is just a taste of all the beautiful colors available.  

This is just a taste of all the beautiful colors available.  

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