40 Days of Love - Day 40 - Soulmates + Giveaway



I can't believe we've made it to Day 40 of 40 Days of Love!  Thank you for sharing this time with me.  This won't be the last time you hear from me, check back every Tuesday where I'll share more love with you.  Until then, I hope you're heart and life is filled with more love.  

And on that note...

Did you know that we have many soul-mates?  There’s a misconception that we only have one soul-mate, which is a stigma around soul-mates I would like to heal.  I've known about soul-mates since I was very young but it wasn't until I was in my 20s that I realized we have more than one.  Before we get into the different types of soul-mates we all have, I want to tell you my soul-mate story.  It’s not what you’re thinking, it’s not a romantic boy meets girl love story.  It’s not even romantic.  No my soul-mate that I would like to talk about is my companion soul-mate.  I hope you’ll indulge me for a few paragraphs before we get into the podcast and soulmate explanation and today's giveaway. 

 When I was around three years old, I wanted to meet my soul-mate.  My hope was we would meet with we were young, fall in love and then grow old together. I didn’t meet him but I did meet my soulmate…or that is to say, one of my soulmates when I was 10 years old. 

 Her name was Kelly.  We were opposites as well as we balanced each other perfectly. We bonded over our weirdness and obsessive romantic thoughts, our ability to eat lots of food, and a love of music and theater.  We certainly had a flair for the dramatic. We would spend our pre-teen and teenager years getting into trouble and as well as being quirky, discovering quotes that inspired us, Kelly gleamed as she quoted Shakespeare “My love is as boundless as the sea. The more I give the more I get from thee"  “I’m going to put this in the quote book” she began copying the words down onto the recycled sheets with flowers embedded into the thick paper.

 “Oh that’s a good one.  Yes! Write that one down.” I gleamed back. “Let’s find more.” Just a couple of hopeless romantics.   

You see we did all the romantic things with each other before we ever had a chance to with a boyfriend, except these activities weren’t romantic to us.  It’s just who we were and how we wanted to be.  We were young, naïve and joyful we had someone to share our inner most worlds with.

Kelly dipping Dorothy with roses in their mouths because why not.  

Kelly dipping Dorothy with roses in their mouths because why not.  

 We had "our song" that we discovered at about 13 years old from the movie Boys on the Side. "You got it" We would sing this song to each other whenever the other was down...and we still do.  This song still makes me cry. We happily sacrificed for each other.  Really, it wasn’t a sacrifice for either of us.  We took care of each other.  When she had back surgery, she wasn't able to shower or move much for quite some time. So, I went over to her house, washed her hair and gave her a mini massage to make her feel better. Often on Saturday nights, I wasn't allowed to go out with all our friends but she would stay behind with me. We would have ice cream, eat BBQ chips, watch movies and play with each other's hair. We weren't resentful of the other. We were a mini team. It was pure love why we did what we did for each other.  It was easy to do.  It was always a no-brainer. We made plans to grow old together before we were teenagers.  Planning to sit on rocking chairs on our front porch and watch our grandchildren play. We had big plans for our lives.  We would travel the world together.  Get married at the same time.  Have children at the same time. And Maybe our children would get married to each other!  Yes, lots and lots of big plans.  That’s what most girls do before they enter the real world. 

Best friends for over 20 years and counting, Kelly Miller & Dorothy Stover. Photo by Charlotte Carey Photography  

Best friends for over 20 years and counting, Kelly Miller & Dorothy Stover. Photo by Charlotte Carey Photography  

As we all know, The real world is different and can be harsh for two hopeless romantics.  We've made it through highs and lows and always have come out together, stronger. I can't imagine my world without her. I got my three-year-old-self wish.  For the past 20+ years, I have been able to grow and I am growing older with my soul-mate.  It's not a guy like I thought my soul mate would or should be but my best friend whom supports, encourages me and loves me for me. If that's not lucky, I don't know what is! 

Soul-mates are not exactly what you think they are.  Today’s podcast Kelly and I discuss soul-mates and the different kinds we all have.  Listen to the end for our challenge.  We hope this challenge will improve your relationships and make your life happier and more peaceful!

Today's Giveaway is a Partner Yoga Session with me.  This session is all about connecting with the other person, having fun and enjoying the simple pleasures in life!  It's for all levels, even those that have never practiced before.  Great for mother/daughters, Romantic relationships, A date night, or Friend weekend.  I have been told by my clients that the partner sessions were so much fun and better than therapy.  To be entered to win, share this post on social media or comment below which type of soul-mate you have in your life right now.  Make sure to share this post with your soul-mate or anyone else you think would appreciate it.  

Click Here to listen to the podcast about the different types of soulmates we all have.

Peace, Love & Hugs!


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