40 Days of Love - Day 3 - Walking



40 Days of Love – Day 3 – Walking

Someone once asked me how I travel this Earth.  “Do you walk, bike or run?” he said with a straight face.  “Hands down, I walk.” I replied. I love to walk.  It’s a slower pace which allows me to really see my surroundings and take the world in.  I have gotten lost in every country I have ever visited, yet it would always seem I would discover something great.  On a trip to London I just walked the streets and chanced upon the Changing of the Guards.  While finding my way through the streets of Paris after dinner, I came to the bar writer Ernest Hemmingway would frequent. After a tasting-lunch, I was lost in the rain in Brussels. I stumbled upon an Art Nouveau-style home that played music through the pipes when it would rain.  I climbed up a mountain near Telluride, Colorado, with snow shoes on my feet.  I passed through the trees one slow deliberate step at a time, taking in whitest snow I had ever seen. I was enthralled by how perfectly matched blue the sky was.  The sun shone through the trees.  Then I saw mountain lion tracks and decided it was best that I turn around.  I wouldn’t have experienced any of these things if I traveled any other way. 

I hope you enjoy these photos I have taken while walking this amazing Earth. 

I want to hear from you.  How do you travel this Earth?  Anything you would not have experienced if it hadn’t been for the way you travel?

Peace, Love & Hugs,



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Getting lost in Dublin Ireland 

Hidden tunnels under the city of Brussels  

Grape vines in Napa

About to get lost in a Labyrinth in England.  

Finding baby birds in the road and helping to move them to safety.