40 Days of Love - Day 36 - Astrology + Giveaway

I remember being very small, looking up and down at the white built in bookcase in our old blue Victorian home. My eyes caught a book with a picture of a lion and stars, the title read "Astrology" I grabbed it off the shelf. I sat down on the floor and opened up the gold leafed edged crisp white pages. There were animals associated with each birthday. I quickly flipped the pages to look up my birthday, July 27th. There stood a picture of a beautiful lion. In astrology terms, I discovered I am a Leo. I was curious and started to read about what it means to be a Leo. Everything was true. I was fascinated by this. I asked my mom when her birthday was. I flipped through the pages once more to her birthday.  She was a Taurus. I read what it meant to be a Taurus. This was also true. I went on to read every sign. Memorizing each of the date ranges that coordinated with each sign. I memorized the personality traits of each sign. I wanted to know more. Opening this book felt like I had opened up the key to understanding people. And growing up in a large family, being the middle child as well as being a bit of a oddball at school, for survival I had to understand people on a regular basis.

The older I got, the more I learned and the more interested in the subject I became. There's so much more to astrology than just your birthday or your sun sign. Your time of birth for instance, which can help make a completely unique chart. Your moon sign, which is your emotional state or your inner self. Your rising sign is how people interact or perceive you. I first learned about myself. Then I learned about other people.
"Mom what time was Izzy born?"
"I don't know. Look in his baby book."

My mother was a record keeper from day one for each of us. Everything from the moment she found out she was pregnant with us until we were young, was on record. Thoughts, doctor's visits, funny things that happened, memories we would want someday she wrote it all down. I looked through each of my siblings books and found the information I needed to know them better.

For me, this is one of the reasons I love astrology so much. I like to know about people. What makes them tick. What makes them happy. How do I approach them. For instance, I know not to press for details about something personal from a Capricorn or Scorpio. When they are ready, they will tell you what they want you to know. Or to never speak ill of a Cancer's mother, even if they speak against them. Or that the way to an Aquarius's heart is through friendship and their head. I feel with astrology I know where someone is coming from.
As a child, astrology helped me navigate the scary world of adults, siblings and classmates. As an adult, astrology allows me to understand people. In a way, be one with them. Join them on their journey in life, even just for a brief moment. Astrology allows me the knowledge on how to be more compassionate towards someone without having to know the details of what's going on in their life.

I follow a few astrologers and numerologist every month. When they forecast, it's always on point. Their readings help me to navigate, although I do always listen to my intuition But it helps to have guidance on when to push and when to pull back. I've launched each of my companies, signed paperwork, traveled and so much more with the help of timing with astrology.

My go to astrologer for dates, monthly updates and birth charting is Suzanne Keating. She's a Nantucket Native, straight shooting, intuitive Sagittarius. She has a great newsletter that will help you know what to expect for the month. It's beautifully written and chock full of information. Also, she does full personal astrology and numerology readings. Click here for her website.

Kelley Rosano. I love this woman's forecasts. Monthly she posts a video for each sign. She's full of energy and she shows the sunny side of astrology. Her readings are meaty! Click here for her YouTube station.

Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. She has a monthly forecast that is almost always accurate. I have her app on my phone and I like to send her daily forecasts to friends for fun. Click here for her website.

Kari Samuels. She has a beautiful numerology video she does every month. It's inspiring and uplifting. Check out her Facebook page here. 

I want you to have the chance to learn more about yourself through astrology. Check out the above astrologers. I know you'll find someone you love! Since Suzanne is my go to, we connected for you to win a mini sampling of her readings. This will be a mixture of astrology and numerology personalize reading for you. To enter, share this post via social media or comment below, bonus points if you mention your sun sign.
Peace, Love & Hugs,

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